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In new development i tried to speak with her (now its only been two days and only spoke once for a couple hours about this open relationship) and she is completely shutting me down.

She says she is tired of repeating things, its just casual sex nothing more. She just thinks a quick conversation on the day i was kicking her out would be enough for me to forget that she cheated on me and same day threw this new open-relationship in my face.

She is saying that I am acting like a child because I keep asking her to talk to me. I told her what I want "Communication, honesty, and trust" and she locks her cell phone even now after she has told me about open relationship, she wont talk to me, thinking that all she has to do is talk once.

The first time we talked and I started opening to the idea we didnt really finish the conversation because it turned into a sexual encounter. So she thinks that we talk about it once and thats it.

Im willing to try, but she doesnt seem to want to try at all. I asked her if she had thought about my perspective, or did research of her own (sine I spent 2 days reading about open relationships) to see how you should approach me about this and work with me through it. All She says that I need to "embrace" this and its just meaningless sex.
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