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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I would wonder how much truth she is telling you to save her own ass. It doesn't sound like you are going to get an honest answer from her if she's afraid you'll boot her out. She might very well be in love. She seems to be behaving like that. A fun fuck session with a friend doesn't usually warrant days of constant texting to the point of forgetting where your car is. At least in my opinion.

She could be in love with both of you! This site is about and for people who are loving more than one, not the open relationship description you seem to be putting her into. That of fwb's.

This has only been a couple of days for you. I think you need to take a breath and let things unfold before deciding everything is one way or another.
Thanks I needed the reminder to just step back and maybe see how things pan out.

The thought occurred to me that to build this trust we could take a break or she could even move out for a while and then we can see if we still feel the same way and want to go forward. I guess I can only gauge her reaction.

Right now she had moved in with me and im paying all the living expenses she only takes care of her own bills and occasionally puts in for grocery or gas.

In the meantime I think I just need to step back and ask her for time before she does anything more with this guy (if she is still living with me) so I can figure out what I want. She obviously had months to think over this or years before she met me, but Ive only had a weekend.
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