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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
By this, you are saying that you have a right to dictate what level of emotional involvement she is allowed to have in her own relationships. Why shouldn't it be something more than sex? Why is it okay with you for her to share her body but not her mind and heart? Wouldn't you want someone to respect and care for her rather than just use her for sex? You don't own her, nor do you have a right to stake a claim to any part of her. She is her own person and makes her own choices. I think that, the sooner you look at it this way, the better able you will be to then make your own decisions about what you can live with, rather than figuring out what rules to restrict her with just to keep your insecurities and sense of possession over her in place.

And, of course, she can fall in love with someone else even if she abides by a curfew. Not "allowing" overnights won't prevent that.
I made it very clear that if this is more than just sex and is more relationship like what she and i have, I dont want any part of it and she is more than free to leave this relationship and move out. At this point I am paying all the bills and rent and Im a student with no money so, in my perspective Im not ready to be used for a place to live while she is having other relationships and pretending to call it "open relationship" So these rules are things that I need to be comfortable with what she is doing. Otherwise I need her to tell me so I can end the relationship

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