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Part three.... just in case your computer monitor wasn't starting to burn your retinas yet.... LOL.

To me..... it's like how you'll go to your first yoga class where a teacher will ask you to close your eyes so you can't see what anyone else is doing, and just listen to your OWN body. It's just like that right now in my life. being aware of what makes ME unique in poly, what is comfortable for me & my partner(s), what is uncomfortable and is unreasonable to expect of myself/others. It's about moving at a pace that is comfortable for everyone, and realizing that poly isn't an excuse to behave as though it's fuckin' Love Anarchy for everyone. It's about respect, honesty, having open eyes as well as an open heart, and being cautious, because this world is fuckin' full of crazy people as WELL as good people, and you just can't go throwin' your doors open for the first person you feel nre for.

Lessons. Learned. And that's all i can really ask o' life. now time to regroup, recoup, and head in for another go in a few months when i'm feeling clear and centred again. in the face of adversity, there is only one option, evolve, grow and find a new way of being.

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