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Well, for a lot of reasons, dating probably isn't going to work. I don't actually think I am the kind of person who can love more than one person romantically without shortchanging the other. Sex is just sex to me- it's just physical pleasure- there's nothing threatening there. But my heart belongs to my husband. I also don't really think I need an emotional relationship. My husband satisfies those urges fully. It's just when he isn't around that I need something physical- I'm not the kind of person who does alone well.

Actually, my tentative solution was to sleep with married men. Obviously there aren't going to be any emotions there, since they're just looking for what I want- a little fun and some pleasure. The ethics bothers me a little bit, but nothing I can't rationalize to myself anyway. My plan was to have maybe 3-4 different guys and just see each one maybe once every month or two. And I was going to ask them to get tested and use a condom of course, since H and I have unprotected sex (I have an IUD).

I have a very high sex drive and that's pretty much what I miss when H goes away. I do masturbate but it's just not the same as a real person.

I also can really only meet people during the day anyway, which doesn't bode well for actual dating. I have small kids at home and no babysitter, so my only free time is when they go to preschool. I am not comfortable having someone in my house when my kids are asleep.
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