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Default I think we're on the right track...

So I posted a while ago about my man and I going poly...

It didn't work out with that girl, which is for the best. He's interested in a new girl, someone I know. He went out with her last night and then came to my place. He called her and tried to explain things to her, (he was a bit drunk). I got to talk to her and I told her about us, and that it's ok for him to be with others. She told him that she's not as open as we are. I told him that that's the risk we're gonna have to take with anyone that either of us are interested in, that they'll either accept us or not.

Well she ended up coming by my place and we all hung out and had a blast. The three of us did end up in bed together and it was amazing! And it was totally not planned. Does this mean that she may change her mind about being as open as us? We don't know. But that part that I feel best about is that we were both honest with her from the start and she understands. I feel like it's a big step for me and him in our poly relationship and I couldn't be happier!
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