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dinged, thread addresses are helpful as this thread will get lost in time and if someone finds it again they are likely going to wonder who the heck KindaPOD is. Also the OP might benefit from not having to search around. If you need some help giving a thread address let me know.

I think I would cut this guy some slack and see where it goes. Likely its NRE. Some people are not very quick to admit NRE and do stupid things that they don't even know they are doing in NRE even if they do admit it. Try to have compersion, smile lovingly when he walks out of the door to see his gf and get about doing stuff you want to do without him. This is what PN did for me and I am grateful. I had shit to deal with and go through and he let me go and do it. Every now and then he said he needed my attention and I gave it to him. other than that the balance was off for a good long time.
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