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Have you read the thread by KindaPOD. This sounds very simliar.

It would be interesting to analyze the language and conversations in the early years. Meaning what he said ...what you heard.

A possible reason the break offer failed is the concept behind it.... only a temp fix or gesture, heart is still divided among several other men. The mental and emotional component is out the door ...whats the point of denying the physical at that point.

An exit affair ...don't know what that is or why anyone would want to do that but you know him. Is he a long term planner. Did he talk about finding a Gf or did he just show up with one out of the blue?

Revenge ...maybe ...again is he capable of that. Could it be he did what he
had to do for the last six years coping wise and now he just doesn't care how it may effect you. You asked for this dynamic he didn' its your turn to suck it up.

Exist affair, or pay back, either way it's not good if you want your marriage to survive. Was there ever talk about how this could end your marriage?

My gut feeling is you lost him along time ago ...perhaps years.

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