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Everything I would have said has been said already. Poly won't work unless your current relationship works, since it is all connected. Also, staying together for the kids, doesn't help the kids in most situations. I'm currently watching my parents go through a divorce that my siblings and I have all been waiting for since we were little. Kids are perceptive little creatures, and if their parents aren't happy, they know.

Your husband is wrong to insist on a new relationship when he isn't even willing to put the time in on yours. Plus, no decent poly woman is going to touch a messed up marriage with a ten foot pole, so consider what type of person you would end up with, even if you tried it. They would have to be willing to hurt you in order to date him, and thats not a good personality trait.

Also, I am so sorry to hear about your baby. That is so sad, and I admire you for being so patient and openminded in the face of all this. Most people wouldn't even have bothered to check this out, or to even think about it. You should not have to try a relationship model that isn't comfortable for you, especially under these conditions. Good luck, I hope things work out so that you can be happy and comfortable.
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