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Default Building Self Esteem - What Works?

It seems many people go through a point in time where they realize self esteem is an issue. I am at that point. Most people don't know this about me. I am 27, live on my own in a cute apartment, have great friends, a loving family, two lovers, and I am in my last year of a graduate program at a prestigious university. Despite all of this, I am have low self esteem that follows me like a shadow. I find myself wondering often, can I do this right? Do people really like me? Am I good enough? Why can't I do more? etc...

I am looking to change this. I just want to be more loving towards myself. I have taken a lot of great advice from members of this site about my relationship with an established couple (which may or may not be a permutation of a negative relationship pattern that I have). Mainly, I have taken a step back from the relationship, started to take time to myself, and seek friendships outside of my relationship. It's been hard the last week, feeling lonely daily, lots of teary calls to mom who is thousands of miles away.

I guess what I am after is some ideas about what has worked for you in terms of enhancing self esteem? What works?

Thanks ahead for any advice/insight!

I don't think this is necessary but if you want some more context on my situation feel free to look up some background info here:
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