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Originally Posted by sunnyskies View Post
I'm not ready for any relationship yet. I've not yet been interested in taking things further physically with more than one (basically because I have no interest whatsoever in causing hurt & have only been in monogamous relationships), but I have definitely had profound emotional bonds whilst in my previous relationship, the most recent being the most intense.
Hi and welcome! There are a few of us "solo" poly people here (meaning that we're seeking polyamory on our own and not in a primary relationship nor opening up a marriage, etc. Or we're not seeking a primary relationship, preferring to take a more egalitarian approach to having multiple partners). I'm not sure if solo peeps are actually a minority in poly, but they're sure not as vocal here as much as married people are.

Anyway, it might be fun and/or enlightening for you to muse a little bit about what you would possibly want from living polyamorously. I started a thread for solo poly people to fantasize about their ideal situations -- feel free to add to it:

Solo poly people - what's your ideal?
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