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Old 03-18-2015, 08:29 PM
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Default Intimate romantic relationships

I've been posting on this board for a few years now and have decided to put a post in the dating and friendship area. It can't hurt, you know?

I'm a single, white woman living in Maryland, in my early forties. No children but two beloved pets. I consider myself polyamorous, open, and kinky.

I find myself longing for opportunities to develop deep intimate romantic and sexual connections with other people. I have had friends with benefits and casual partners before, and expect I will again. However, that type of relationship is not feeding my soul right now. I want the opportunity to help someone else become their best version of themselves, and have them offer their support and love as I do the same. So I am seeking people interested in potentially deeply intimate, loving, possibly long-term, profoundly meaningful romantic and sexual relationships.

I am currently 'straight-ish' and have been more attracted to men sexually and romantically. However, I was married to a woman for over a decade and I may become more interested in women again. (I can't predict how my sexuality changes over time.) So I do not have an exclusive gender preference. I am open to genderfluid and trans people too.

What do I offer? Joy, an openness and delight in the possibilities in life, willingness to explore, the ability and desire to explore intimacy (not just physical intimacy but all facets of knowing another deeply and well), honesty, laughter, funny, and a willingness to face the hard things and hard times. Plus my pets are awesome.

If this is of interest, please PM me! Thank you.
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