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Old 10-13-2014, 04:03 PM
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Default NYC born Dom building poly tribe India

Professional masseur, neuromuscular specialist, hypnotherapist, organic farmer, solar builder, teacher-trainer. Way more.
I am seeking to build a tribe which is female centric, pairs of bisexual females surrounded by males of any variety of orientation.
I am poly and hetroflexible-flexible.
Very experienced, I have trained a number of women to be able to orgasm while giving oral sex. I also train in dp and tp. I think the orgasm is a spiritual gateway and women are generally far more spiritual than men.
I am on a large organic farm in India and can seek people to come and be permanent members.
Building companies that are ethical and interlinked is a big interest of mine.
I think women should control the money because it is a very fast vibration and can easily tip a man over.
Lived in Japan for 14 years and speak Japanese with reasonable fluency.
I was a start-up specialist designing companies from the ground up, but do not like running them.
I tend to end up as Top Dog-Alpha male, but supportive of other Alphas having their own area as top dog.
I train submissive women to PULL men and to manipulate them by Opening the Way Before from Behind.
While many dominants think they are in charge-control, I am very aware a dominant male's place is serving the submissive female' sneed to serve. I know this is paradoxical, but all great things are paradoxes.
I do not degrade or humiliate. My goal is to craft an ever more elegant submissive who Pulls dominant men ever higher and assists them in being more powerful.
I turn "fuck sluts" into Love Goddesses.

Seeking intelligent women, men, couples of a variety of mixes. There is room for submissive males and dominant females within this matrix.

Bringing widely different skill sets to this is desirable, even preferred.

I do no "play" or scene. I live this as a lifestyle.

While this ad is dry and humorless, I am a gut-busting comedian both in word and in person.
I am handsome, charming and articulate.
I love to dance.
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Old 02-04-2015, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by pearloftop View Post
I am researching what types of fossils are found in India. Can you recommend sites for more information?
No, sorry and I am no longer in India. I would think contacting one of the universities's archeology-paleontology departments would be the best

Professional masseur,
adjunct to marriage counselors,
neuromuscular specialist,
experienced cuckolder
empathic dominant.
Totally swave & deboner
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Old 02-12-2015, 09:04 PM
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Wow, I have been looking for something exactly like this for years now. That is why when I read this message, i got so excited that I will get the chance to fulfill my fantasies, finally.
I would love to be a part of this poly tribe of yours, and live it as a full-time lifestyle if possible.
To introduce myself, I am a 23yo bisexual crossdresser from Chandigarh.
Also, I consider myself a submissive and giving my partners full pleasure, and satisfaction is what gives me the most joy & satisfaction.
I am a seductive, kinky, open-minded guy who loves to tease and explore new ways of having fun.
My wife is a 26yo hot minx with a well-toned curvy delicious body, a bold and seductive persona and most importantly an almost insatiable sexual appetite and a highly sexual mind just like me.
She has already cuckolded me 5-6 times now with a couple of bull boyfriends of hers.
But now both of us want to explore more into this journey and be part of a polyamorous relationship or even better, be a part of a polytribe like yours.
Being part of such a tribe would give both of us fulfilment of our desires and needs- my desire to serve beautiful hot women and sexy men, and also to see my wife fully satisfied and pleasured by hot alpha males; and her desire to see me with another man- an alpha, and to have plently of alpha boy friends to pleasure her.
If you find my proposition interesting enough and think that I can be a part of your tribe. then do get back to my email id with a reply soon- stunningdivs.gupta@gmail.com

Hugs & Kisses
Rohit & Divya
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