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Old 04-26-2011, 05:10 PM
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Default My Green-eyed Dragon

I'm a bi-paratrexual (TG-lover) double Skorpion/Moon-in-Taurus/Venus-in-Scorpio Libertarian/Libertine/Luciferian. Like most misguided youth I was raised on the Christian bourgeois supermemes of chastity and mono-fidelity. I really came to Polyamory as a default, or the default of my Evolutionary-Biologistic breeder-GG girlfriends who always dumped me for a dip with a real job (and a beer belly). I am really long-term loyal to everyone I love.

When I discovered a passion for transgender women, I thought at least baby-making would not be an issue, and I'd fare better in sustained realtionships. Actually the first TG I saw transition (young-blonde-leggy...W-O-W) made me sad and jealous when she brought home her first man. I think she picked him up. I was the night security at her Manhattan apartment.

I moved to Atlanta because of finances and personal reasons. I joined Facebook that year--2007--and my first friend was a tall TG in Vancouver, BC. She has since moved to Victoria for her reasons. I really fell in love with her then, but I was new and checking out ATL, and meeting people online. I was 3rd-space mostly (library, but I had WEBTV). I got my first full-use home computer a year ago, and I've really increased my attention to my favorite girl. She responds but falling in mad love with every bum she meets in chat or on her street corner. Her latest is literally a bum ("castoff" she calls him; "get a fuckin' job", I say. At least treat my baby right!)

So help me if you can, I'm feelin' down. I still have other girlfriends--nothing in ATL, but I'm leaving--but she's the top of my list, and I burn for her. I'm happy to let her be as poly- as me, but I need assurance that she wants me. And I CANNOT STAND the namby-pamby, sainted-virgin, filtering we do when someone gets "*IN A RELATIONSHIP*". You're a 44 y/o tranny, girlfriend, NOBODY cares who you aren't fucking!

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