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Old 03-09-2011, 10:35 PM
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Default Shelle's story ( need advice)

hi everyone
I'm in need so some guidance here. My main guy lets call him Colombian, he and i have been seeing each other since September of last year but we've f*ck buddies for yrs now wen we reconnected last year, he was seeing multiple of women and i was seeing one other guy. We were both fine with it and we wood even talk about our other partners. But as time went on, he would tell me he met new girl and that he let go of a few of his other ones. I would ask why and he said the girls wanted more of monogamist relationship and he aint into it.

In January i let go of my other guy coz i as much i liked him i didn't feel a connection and the sex wit him bore me ... lol, so from january til just this Sunday i have only been with Colombian. But around February an old f*ck buddy tried to hook up wit me again.The deal wit me and Colombian is that if were gonna see new ppl he and i would talk about it first, so before i met up wit that old f*ck buddy i told Colombian and he wasn't OK wit it and so i didn't meet up wit FB .

But also in February a friend of mine who's a FWB and who i have feeling for ( and he knows it) he and i reconnected again just talking on the phone and txting, lets call him Russian. For the longest time on my BBM (blackberry messenger) i would have my stat as Missing RAP ( Colombians initials)wen im not with Colombian but as i reconnected wit Russian i added RB (Russian's initials). Colombians asking me who is rb wen was the last time i saw rb and wat stuff Ive done wit him. Mind you i haven't seen Russian since last summer and this was the first time colombian is acting all jealous.
i asked colombian y he was acting all weird and hes like im just looking out for you, dont want you to go back to your old ways ( he first met me i was sleeping around) and im like ok whatever and let it go..

i talked more to Russian specifically a massage his gonna give me as a bday present ( russian is the only man ive allowed to give me a massage most men are not allowed coz they just tickle me) and my birthday was this past monday March 7, Russian told me that he was gonna rent room on sat, i knew wat russian wanted to happened that wkend and it did (the sat b4 my bday) but as the date got closer. i felt more guilty because i knew i was gonna sleep wit russian. And prior to sleeping with Russian i told Colombian that russian is the only person/ guy i wouldnt care if he oked me sleepin wit or not. That he and Russian have top propriety on my list. coz i care both for them. Btw i did seen colombian on my bday and i told him wat happened wit russian and i how i felt guilty.

This the first time i feel guilty sleepin with another man. i feel like ive betrayed Colombian. My question to you people other there is what do i do? I dont want a serious relationship wit colombian nor does he . And i think for the last month or so ive been the only one his been seeing. Coz i would ask him if hes seen his other women and his reply is 'i havent had time sooo stressed out wit work. ' Ive been the only woman his been seeing for while that acts all girlfriendly with him but hes ok wit it. unlike his other women b4 he would dumb them before anything got too serious. In previous convos wit him about his other women and me acting all girlfreindly I say to him i act girlfriendly with you and ur not dumping me, his answer always is its different wit u

my question is shud i distance myself from him for awhile before i want a monogamist relationship with him and then he dumps me?

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Old 03-09-2011, 10:54 PM
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Can you break your post into some paragraphs, please? Too hard to read! Thanks.
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Old 03-09-2011, 11:32 PM
ShelleBaby ShelleBaby is offline
Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: Toronto
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sorry fixed hopefully you guys can understand it better
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