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Old 06-15-2014, 02:17 PM
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LDR takes work and communication to maintain and to make sure no one feels left out, definitely.

In Guy's and my situation, there is no chance of anyone moving closer. Hubby works for his father, so can't relocate, And since I still have a minor child from whose father I'm divorced, moving out of my current state would involve way more court battles than I'm willing to undergo.

Guy is on the road for work ten months out of the year, and has children in his current state of residence whom he doesn't want to be away from any more than he already is. His two older kids, from his first marriage, don't see him much anyway because they're teenagers and usually have a lot going on when Guy is able to go to his home city to try to see them, but his younger kid, from his second marriage, is on the autism spectrum, and the boy's mother is already overwhelmed. If Guy wasn't there at least during the time he's able to be, she might not be able to care for the boy, and she might not let Guy visit him. Guy has promised her that he will stay around as much as he can to co-parent their son.

The three of us have discussed the possibility of Guy moving in with us during his off-the-road times once my 15-year-old is off to college in a couple of years, but it doesn't seem likely to actually happen.
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Old 06-16-2014, 06:06 PM
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We have a LDR with Bean and it's about to get even harder. She is a full-time student and when she goes back to school this fall we all worry about the status of our relationship(s). On top of that, Bravo will be traveling more often and for longer periods of time for work.

She has expressed that sometimes she feels lonely or jealous. Bravo and I live together so we are with each other every day for the most part. Since there is no easy fix at this time all we can do is keep the lines of communication open. We do our best to listen to each other, acknowledge and validate feelings, and just try to "be there"

I hold out hope that if we can make it through this next year while she finishes her degree then we will come out stronger and she'll be able to move closer to us. For the time being, we can only try.

So my advice is to just talk to your partner, tell him how you feel, and listen to his views as well. Even if nothing changes, you will feel better for having talked and you'll each know where you stand with the other.
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