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Old 10-20-2014, 03:16 PM
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Default Life With Debbie

We have found in the past that men that Debbie enjoyed, sexually, and who had personalities that matched ours, or Debbie's, have turned out to be great friends to both of us and wonderful lovers for Debbie. I have always been a very good judge of character, and we have enjoyed each live-in that has lived with us.

Davison is someone I feel really good about, and Debbie very much likes him and may very well fall in love with him if she hasn't already. I have seen Debbie with innumerable other men, but none of them has made Debbie feel the way Davison has. I believe that Davison has really opened Debbie to a new way of living, in the moment. Debbie has never felt high from sex before. And everything I have tried to teach Debbie about Tantra, she has learned in practice with Davison.

This morning during "church" I saw Debbie like I never have before. She was in an orgasmic state the entire time. When “church” ended, Debbie just lied there. She couldn’t move. Debbie told me that she felt so alive, like never before. Debbie told me that she could still feel Davison and his friends and Stewart throughout every inch of her body. Debbie told me that she loved me, then she asked me if I had the laundry done, folded and put away. I told Debbie that I had done some of it yesterday. Then Debbie sat straight up in bed.

Debbie had that look of disapproval on her face. Debbie asked me if there were still dishes in the sink. I nodded. Debbie then asked me if I had cleaned the cat boxes. Again I nodded. Debbie looked at me and asked what I had done. I told Debbie that I had put most of Davisons clothes in the closet in the spare room and had unpacked his boxes and broke them down and had taken them out. I told Debbie that I had cleaned out her car. She had spilled coffee in it the last time she drove it. So, I detailed her car for her. Debbie was not happy with me.

Debbie told me that she had asked me to have the laundry done, folded and put away yesterday. I told Debbie with everything going on yesterday that I forgot. Debbie asked me why I forgot and I told her I didn’t know. That got her even more mad. I told Debbie that I was sorry and Debbie got out of bed.

Debbie went to the bathroom and brushed her hair and put on some sweats. She then told me that she and Davison were going to take a drive in the mountains, because she had to get out. Debbie then told me that when she got home that she wanted the dishes done and put away, the laundry done, folded and put away and that a new pair of sheets on the bed would be nice. Debbie gave me a peck on the cheek and told me she loved me.

As Debbie and Davison drove away I began thinking about how Davison moving in with us was a good decision. Davison brings out the best in Debbie, whereas I often bring out her worst. I also began thinking today about what I really do for Debbie. She says I am a good house husband, and that when I am in my A game that I do a good job, although she does feel she has to follow behind me to make sure what I said I did and did right.

Debbie Called me shortly after she and Davison left and asked me what my plans were for the day. I told Debbie that I intended to have the dishes done, the laundry completed, folded and put away and I was going to clean the cat boxes and hoped to be able to get both main bathrooms cleaned. Debbie told me that she and Davison were going to go out to dinner. So, that would give me enough time to get everything done, as well as clean the hot tub. I told Debbie that I would do my best to have everything done. Debbie told me that she and Davison wouldn’t be home until after nine or ten o’clock. So, I should have enough time to get everything done.

I have done the laundry and the cat boxes. I have changed the sheets on the bed and put the old ones in the laundry. I have the dishes halfway done, and I have everything ready to clean the bathrooms and the hot tub. I do these things because it makes Debbie happy. And the one thing that makes me happy is making Debbie happy. And Right now Davison is making Debbie happy, too. Davison made love to Debbie most the night last night and then had his friends of his over this morning for “church,” and he is now taking Debbie for a drive in the mountains and out to dinner. I see what Davison is doing with Debbie and what I am doing for Debbie as two men working as a team. We are both doing what we know makes Debbie happy. And I see this working this way for a long time, if Davison stays with us, which I hope he does.

Davison seems to be happy with our arrangements. And I know that Debbie is happy with the way things are going. I do feel sorry for Davison simply because Debbie does have high standards that she expects people to live up to. Luckily Davison has lived up to, and exceeded, Debbie’s expectations of him. Debbie told me this morning, while I was making breakfast for her and Davison and myself, that last night with Davison was incredible. Debbie told me that it was nice having me massage her back while she and Davison lied on their sides making love. Debbie also thanked me for getting both her and Davison water in the middle of the night.

Debbie loves me very much, but too often I do not live up to her expectations. And her expectations of me aren’t really that high. She likes a clean house, and I don’t blame her. She likes the cat boxes to be cleaned and the laundry and dishes done , which makes sense. And she lets me love her while she has sex with Davison and other men. She always asks me if she asks too much of me and I always tell her no.

This morning when Debbie asked me why I hadn’t done all that she had asked me to do yesterday I answered that I didn’t know. Debbie told me that sometimes I make her think that I am as dumb as a box of rocks. And she is right. Debbie has it all together. I do not. When I am at work I have it all together, and I am very good at what I do. At home it is a different story. I find it hard to b e the person that Debbie needs me to be sometimes. Davison does not have that problem. And to be honest, I think that Davison has the hardest job between the two of us. He has to please Debbie physically, mental and spiritually. I do the best I can in any way that I can.

Debbie asked me yesterday why I never say no to her. I told her I would never tell her no for any reason. Debbie asked me why. I told her I would never tell her no because she has never given me a reason to. Debbie was somewhat happy with that answer. She did tell me that she wished that I would make some decisions, sometimes. I told Debbie that I try. Debbie told me that she is hoping that Davison will step in where I fail. I agreed. Debbie told me that Davison is not into doing domestic activities like doing dishes or laundry or yard work, but she didn’t expect him to. I told Debbie that I didn’t either. I told Debbie that Davison seems to know what he is expected to do.

Davison did tell me last night when we went to bed that he appreciated us letting him move in with us, and that he would do his very best to make us both happy that we made the decision to let him live with us. Before I could say anything, Debbie told Davison that he already had. I agreed. When Debbie and Davison got into bed last night, Davison asked me if I would burn some incense and light some candles so that they could have a more romantic setting to make love in, and I said yes. I lit incense and candles and Debbie and Davison both thanked me. Debbie told me that she wished that she and I would do that sometime, but now that Davison is living with us, I can still burn the incense and the candles for them. I liked knowing that what I had done pleased Debbie.

I let Debbie and Davison have some alone time last night and I sat in the hot tub for a while. I thought it would be nice for them to enjoy the romantic setting alone, without me watching. And when I did come back to the bedroom, both Debbie and Davison thanked me for the alone time, which made me feel good, because I had done something right. What Davison may not realize is how much I am willing to do for him to make sure he stays happy and wants to stay with us. I know that Debbie will do most anything for Davison. And I think that is a good thing. Davison seems to know how to make Debbie feel really good, in many ways. I feel that he is going to be the Man of our house, and Debbie is going to like that. It will also take some pressure off of me, as well.

I will still have house duties that will always be my responsibility, but Davison will have the responsibility of making decisions in our home. That is something I do not like to do. I think that when Davison takes on the roll of Man Of The House, Debbie will be happier because she will not have to make as many decisions as she has had to.
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Old 10-20-2014, 03:17 PM
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It’s ten o’clock now. I started writing this early this afternoon, Sunday. Debbie just called and told me that having a night out with Davison has been so nice because she didn’t have to deal with me, my kids or any drama. Debbie told me that being out, alone with Davison, has been so restful but fun. She told me that she loved not having to worry about anything, not even me. Debbie told me that having Davison move in is probably the best decision that she and I have ever made. Debbie said that Davison not having kids is a big bonus. And I have to agree.

Debbie did ask me if I got everything done that she had asked me to do. I told her I was working on the hot tub but had taken a break. Debbie told me that she and Davison wanted to use the hot tub when they got home. So, I told her it would be ready for them.

Debbie told me that being out with Davison was so much better than the last time we went out together. Debbie said that not having to worry about me or the kids was a nice change of pace. She also said that Davison had her giggling most of the night, and she missed when she and I used to be like that. Debbie also said that she and Davison made love in the back of Davison’s Escalade. Debbie reminded me that she and I had never done that in our Suburban, even though there is enough room to do so.

Debbie said that tonight with Davison was as much fun as our honeymoon, and that was our best night together. Debbie told me that she liked that Davison wanted to have his arm around her all the time and that he played with her breasts, which I never do. She also said that he teased her as they drove in the mountains. Debbie told me that she even took Davison to our cabin, and they made love there, too. Debbie said that she likes that Davison is what she has always wanted me to be with her. And Debbie thanked me for letting her and Davison have the night out together.

It made me feel good knowing that Debbie and Davison were having such a good time. And I liked that Debbie took Davison to our cabin, and that they were able to make love, again. Something about being in the mountains does that to a lot of guys. It makes them horny for some reason.

Debbie and Davison got home around eleven thirty. When they pulled in they were laughing and still having a good time. I liked seeing that. I was also happy to tell them that the hot tub was ready for them. Davison told me that he was a bit tired and was going to go to bed instead. I asked Debbie if she still wanted to use the hot tub, and that I would join her. Debbie said that it had been a long day and that she was going to go to bed as well. I told Debbie that there were new sheets on the bed and she thanked me.

By the time I got to the bedroom, Debbie was already pleasing Davison. So, I left the two of them alone. I stood outside the bedroom door and heard Debbie tell Davison that she felt that she owed him a lot for all he had done for her tonight. Davison told Debbie that what she was doing was enough, as long as she kept doing it. I have to admit that the best part of my day was being able to stand outside our bedroom and listen to Debbie and Davison for about an hour after they got home and had gone to bed.
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Old Yesterday, 05:28 AM
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Debbie and I have both wanted another man to join our marriage and be the Man Of Our House. This way I could be Debbie's Man In Waiting. The new man, and in this case, Davison, would be the King Of The Castle and I would be Debbie's Man In Waiting. We took this idea from a Queen and her Lady-in-waiting. Since my main love language is Acts of Service, me doing things for Debbie means a lot to me. And Debbie having sex with other men is her service to me.

Debbie's main love language is physical touch, and that is something that Davison is very in touch with. Davison knows how to fill Debbie's love tank, physically. Debbie's ultimate fantasy is to be tied to a bar and made to cum multiple times until she can't cum any more, then forced to cum for hours more.

Debbie joined me for lunch today and told me that Davison's size is more than she can handle, usually, but it is because of his size that he sends her over the top. Davison, because of his size, does things to Debbie's mind and body that no one else ever has. And because of Debbie's long standing fantasy, she loves having "church" every Sunday.

To me the most loving thing that Debbie can do for me is have sex with other men and let me do other things that will please her. I told Debbie at lunch that I know she is still angry with me, and she agreed that she was. Debbie told me that some things were going to change, though. Debbie told me that she and Davison talked last night, while driving in the mountains, and DEbbie told Davison that we both want him to be the King in our house, the Man Of The House. Davison said that if that is going to be the case, that he gets to park in the driveway, and only he gets to. Debbie told him that was a go.

Davison also told Debbie that if he is going to be the Man Of The House that his clothes go in my closet and dressers and my clothes go in the spare bedroom. Debbie told him that was a go, too. Debbie told me that the next part was going to be my favorite. She then told me that Davison told her that if he is going to be the Man Of The House, that he, and only he would be The Man In The House. Debbie told me that Davison told her that when he is home that I am to wear silk panties and tank tops. And that since he (Davison) would the Man, that I would be considered another woman in the house. And I did like that.

Debbie told me that she told Davison that I like feeling feminine, and Davison told Debbie that I was going to have ample opportunity to be as such. Davison told Debbie that he had never f**ked another man, but since I wasn’t going to be one, that he would have no trouble treating me like a woman, even sexually. Especially sexually.

Debbie told me at lunch that she had trouble in the past treating me like a girl, or like a little boy and disciplining me, but she was willing to do so, if I wanted her to. I told her that I would love it if she did. Right then Debbie slapped my face, hard. She then asked how that felt, and I told her I liked it. Debbie told me that it felt good doing it, too.

Debbie told me what she really likes about Davison is that he pushes her to her limits. He takes charge. He tells her what to do, like I want her to do with me. Debbie told me that it all clicked at the cabin when Davison spanked her, hard, and she really liked it. And then when they made love Davison was ruthless, and she loved that, too. Debbie told me that it all made sense to her what I had been asking her to do to and with me for years. Debbie pulled out her purse and showed me what she had bought this morning . . . a wooden paddle with holes drilled through it and a Cat-O-Nine tails flogger. I got excited. Then Debbie told me there was something that Davison asked her to buy for me. I was excited to find out what Davison wanted me to have.

When Debbie pulled out the CB-6000S, a male chastity device, I was unsure what to think. Debbie told me that Davison wanted to make sure that I didn’t do anything that would make me a man or seem like one. I agreed that wearing the CB-6000S would do the trick. Debbie told me that seeing me wear it would be kind of sexy, and I agreed. Debbie told me that Davison had told her, last night, that he would allow her to have other lovers, but he would choose the others, especially the men who came to our house for “church.” And Debbie told him he had that right already. Debbie also told me that Davison also told her that he wants her to have “church” on Wednesday nights as well as Sunday mornings, and that she had agreed to that.

Debbie told me that when I got home, after seeing Margaret, that she would put the CB-6000s on me and that Davison would keep the one and only key to it. I agreed. Debbie told me that Davison had told her that if I am to be a woman, at home, that I had no need to use my penis, and that wearing the CB-6000s would make it so I had no ability to use my penis for sexual purposes. I agreed to that , too.

Debbie did ask me if things were going too far and I said no. I told Debbie that I saw Davison as a take charge guy, and I liked that. Debbie agreed that she likes that, too. Debbie also asked me if she could use the paddle on me when I did anything she felt was wrong, and I said yes. Debbie slapped me again and then told me she loved me. I had to admit to her that she had excited me. Debbie smiled and told me to enjoy my erection, if I had one, because once the CB-6000s is on me I would not be able to have erections anymore. I told her that I would enjoy it while I could. Debbie told me that she liked where she saw our relationship going, and I agreed.

Debbie again added that she was still very angry at me from the weekend. I told Debbie that I was sorry for everything I had done that upset her. Debbie told me that I was going to be sorry when I got home. And a lot of things were going to change. It excited me to hear that from Debbie. Debbie told me that she would have everything of Davison’s moved into their room and that she would have everything of mine in my room when I got home. I thanked her. Debbie also told me that she was going to have her son stay at one of his boyfriend’s house for the night. I thanked her again.

Debbie kissed me then slapped me again. Debbie then told me that she wishes that she had figured this out long ago. And she admitted that it felt good to get some of her frustrations out on me. I told Debbie that her saying what she had and doing what she did excited the hell out of me. Debbie told me that there was a lot more where that came from.

When I told Margaret of mine and Debbie’s lunch date, Margaret asked me how it felt to be kissed by Debbie and then slapped by her. I told Margaret that I liked it, and it was titillating. Margaret then asked me if I was really willing to let Davison take control of me and Debbie and our household. And I said yes.

Margaret then asked me what I liked most about mine and Debbie’s lunch date. I told Margaret that I liked that Debbie finally understood what I had been asking of her for years. And that it seemed that we had found a man who was willing to be what we both have been looking for. Margaret asked me what it felt like to give up my wife, my bedroom, my household and my ability to even touch my own penis. I told Margaret that I didn’t feel that I was giving up anything, but, rather, was gaining a more controlling wife and a Man who would rule me and Debbie.

Margaret asked me where I felt my need to be controlled came from. I told her that my mother was very strict when I was growing up, and that she used a belt on me, a lot. I remembered my mother using the belt on me and afterward telling me that she only did it because she loved me. So, I might connect being controlled and disciplined with being loved. Margaret asked me if I felt loved when Debbie slapped me at lunch earlier. And I said yes. Margaret asked me if the feeling of love that I felt when Debbie slapped me was the same feeling of being loved that I felt when Debbie had sex with other men. I told Margaret that when Debbie slapped me it was a deeper feeling of being loved.

Margaret took a moment and went onto her PC. Then she told me that she had seen CB-6000 chastity devices, but wondered why Davison had wanted me to wear the CB-6000s. I told Margaret that the 6000s is the smaller version of the CB-6000. Margaret looked at her PC again and read me the description from the web site she was looking at, “2 1/2" length 1 3/8" inside diameter cage - size small.” Then Margaret asked me if this was something that I really wanted to wear, 24/7. I told Margaret that I had fantasized about wearing one in the past. Margaret asked me why. I told her that it was a controlling devise for me. And it was a total control that turned me on.

Margaret told me that she had dabbled in BDSM in her life and that she had seen men become addicted to the lifestyle. And that I needed to make sure that this is something I really want before entering this type of lifestyle. I agreed and Told Margaret that what I was doing was not only or me, but I hoped that Debbie would find a happiness she has never felt before, because of me. Margaret told me to do what I felt was right, but to call her if I ran into something that was more than I could handle. I told Margaret not to worry because what I was doing was not out of depression. It was something I was doing because I think that it will make Debbie happier than I have been able to make her before.
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