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Old 05-24-2014, 11:42 PM
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Default Learning to live as part of a Vee

So, It's been just over one week since my longtime girlfriend moved into a home with her new girlfriend. My GF, K is bi. Her GF, A, is lesbian. I am straight. A has her own suite in the basement with a bedroom and a bathroom with shower. K and I share a bedroom upstairs with our own bathroom and shower. I am much older than both of these lovely ladies and am an exceptional cook. I take care of all of our grocery shopping and cooking. They take care of washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. We share laundry duty and other household tasks.
We came together first because A has a passion for our martial art and wants to learn. Second, A and K immediately connected and K was finally able to acknowledge her bi orientation and embrace the opportunity for a new relationship.
A and I have shared breakfast almost every day since we all moved in together. The two of us have worked out together every day. Of course, this was part of the plan all along because of my coaching skills and her desire to compete semi pro and pro.
This weekend A's mother has come to visit. We have explained our arrangement based solely on the jiu jitsu aspect of our acquaintance.
In some ways our charade is minimizing A's status in the home in the eyes of her mother and our mutual friends. I want to be able to show A is an equal and critical component of the family we have cultivated. This desire is exacerbated by the fact that her mother continues to express her wish that A find someone to settle down with. A and K are as in love as two people can be, even if they don't exactly know how to deal with it because of me. I think each of them are holding back because they aren't sure what is next. But it's like every relationship. You must risk if you wish to succeed.
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