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Old 10-10-2014, 04:16 PM
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Default Looking for More Love

Let me start by telling you about me before I tell you what I am looking for in someone.

Age: 41
Height: 5’ 10.5”
Weight: 245 lbs (Yes, I plan to lose 30-40 lbs eventually).
I do not smoke. I do not use drugs. I drink occasionally, but never get drunk. I eat anything, no diet restrictions, except organic only when at home.

IQ: 175

I am very passionate about the things that interest me. When I am happy, I am jubilant. When I am sad, I am very sad. When I am angry, I am furious. When I love, I adore. I am an intense person.

Still here? Excellent! Next up: I am polyamorous and I have a wife, who is also polyamorous. We are both bisexual. We are looking for another love, not because we are not happy with each other, but because we have so much love to give that we want to share it with others. Being in a poly relationship with us does not mean you are less than. You would be an equal. We would love you as much as we love each other. Not bisexual yourself? That’s fine. In that case, we ask that you love one of us and be close friends with the other.

Writing: Stories and poems (see the link above).
Meteorology: I am an amateur.
Video Games
Board Games
Gold Prospecting
Music: I am learning how to play the banjo.
Art: I am learning how to draw.


Now I will tell you what I am looking for in someone.

Age: 21 – 56 (I am willing to consider younger and older, if you can make a compelling case).
Height: Don’t care.
Weight: Maximum of 220 lbs.
No smoking, drugs, or getting drunk. I am firm on these. No vegan or paleo diets. If you like to party, don’t contact me.

If you know your IQ, no less than 120. If not, tell me how you feel about Star Trek (not the JJ Abrams version).

Absolutely no drama. If you are a drama magnet, or you constantly create it yourself, I am not interested. I also want someone who actually shows his or her emotions. If you keep things to yourself, we will not get along. Life is wonderful and frustrating and everything in between. Show it!

No atheists, practicing Christians, Muslims, or Islamics. Your background does not concern me, but if you are active in any of these religions, we will not get along. You must have an open mind and be willing to consider there is more to our existence than these bodies on this planet, but that you are not a slave to some deity.

Still interested? Good! If you want love, peace, serenity, happiness, to watch old movies (or craft with my wife) while it rains outside…and maybe a little magic…let’s talk and see what happens. --


In the world of polyamory, there is a slang term called "unicorn." Here is a definition: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Unicorn . I am writing this addendum to explain that I am not looking for a "unicorn" exclusively. If you wish to be one, that would be lovely.

EXCEPTION: You would never be submissive to me and my wife. You would never be a second. You would be our equal.

But, it is not required that you be a "unicorn." What I am looking for in a mate is someone who can love me and be friends with my wife. Why? Because I am not going to live to separate lives, one with my wife and one with you. There is no wall keeping the two worlds apart. I live one life. It is an all-inclusive life. Everyone I know and love interacts and mingles with everyone else. Some are friends, some are family, some can be lovers. We all help each other, play together, and care about one another. That is what people should do.

This does not mean you have to live with us. If you have your own home with your own family, that is fine. We would be happy to be a part of your world, too. There are no boundaries. We help you and your loves, and you help us. That is what I mean when I say I want you to love me and be friends with my wife. I am looking for a communal relationship where everyone interacts and helps each other. It does not matter if you only love me or only love my wife. We would be one grand extended family enjoying life, either in the same location or different.

I hope this makes sense and clears up the confusion. Be a "unicorn" if you like (except being beneath us). If not, then just be our friend and/or lover and let us be friends and/or lovers with your household, should you choose to keep you home separate. A community of poly people helping each other. That's what we want.
I want to love you. I want you to love me. I want us to make each other happy. Let's talk.
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