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Old 01-22-2014, 07:14 AM
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Default NYC Area Peeps

I live within about an hour's train ride to Penn station on the LIRR. I was wondering if there was someone in the NYC area that I might be able to meet with to hang out, grab a coffee and converse about the poly lifestyle. I will admit I have had exposure to some poly people in my life, but those relationships were either between people who I find detestable, or they were poor examples of a poly relationship. Pretty much looking for a friend that I can pick their brain, and help me to draw my own conclusions about the poly lifestyle.
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Old 01-23-2014, 01:21 AM
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Well, I live in NYC, but I could only tell you about my lifestyle, no one else's. There actually isn't any such thing as "the poly lifestyle."
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Old 01-23-2014, 01:35 AM
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I can dig it. Everyones story will be different, but yet our journies have all lead us here.

It would just be nice to have a friend irl that I would be able to talk to about this.

I mean I have 3 friends that I trust won't judge me negatively about this, and only one has been in a poly relationship that failed epically. It would be nice to be able to speak to someone who has a "successful" poly relationship to chat with.
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Old 01-24-2014, 04:04 AM
LadyLigeia LadyLigeia is offline
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Smile Bonjour

Hey! I live in around Stony Brook. I have been with my partner for almost nine years. I'm into Gothic literature, all kinds of music (but I favor punk and darkwave), old school nintendo, black coffee, hard liquor and many other kinds of insanity. My partner is really cool - He is extremely intelligent, sensitive and open-minded. (Don't worry - I am definitely not trying to solicit you for a threesome request or anything like that. Just wanted to make it clear.) He is more straight-laced than me but we complement each other very well.

I identify as a relationship anarchist and others tell me that I give excellent guidance in relation to polyamory and general relationship stuff.
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