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Old 01-02-2014, 01:32 AM
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Default Moving to Oregon or Washington soon

So we previously posted regarding our search for a man to share our lives, to form a triad with in the heart of the upper Midwest. However, we have decided after living our lives in this frozen wasteland, we are fleeing to warmer climes soonish. A decision made much easier by living through record breaking cold.

Anyway, I am a successful self employed artist, my wife is the overly stay at home mom for our last kid. In the house. I am 43, she just turned 40, but looks about 32...wish I did.

I am not really appealing here for too much other than to sort of come out to someone. We live more or less in the closet now just to make the last of my son's life in high school bearable in this conservative town that is not overly warm to anything other than biblical style relationships.

Anyone out. In Oregon or Washington in the market for someone like us, or just looking for poly friends? I should add that we are just stepping into this way of life.
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