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Old 12-03-2013, 09:43 AM
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Default I know it is none of my buisiness but...

Cor I can't STAND him

My BFF has entered into a bad rebound relationship. When she met him last year he marriage was failing, we met him at an event we were at but I advised her not to get too involved with him whilst still married, she needed to sort out her failing marriage first, a fling was one thing but she did not want another relationship muddying the waters and allowing her (ex) husband to claim this other man ruined their relationship.

Of course she ignored me. Now my bff, gawd love her, but she has a 'type' this bloke, looks like a slightly darker, less attractive version of her current husband.

Anyway, now she is in full NRE and already planning to move in with this new man (she is still married btw) and I am trying to keep things in perspective because it is not my life but OMG...he is her ex husband mark 2...she is getting involved with the same guy except this one is even more needy and paranoid. We went to an event and he threw a tantrum because we were taking out time getting ready and she wasn't by his side (he was with a group of friends) he even called my phone to question me about where she was (we were getting ready in the bathroom).

I asked her if she really likes him because I don't see this man as 'right for her' (yes I was really controlling myself) but now I am depressed as he lives quite far away in the country and I won't see so much of her if she moves in with him and I don't like him enough to want to go stay up there.

Also, this is unlikely to fizzle out, if it is one thing my friend needs it is to be taken care of, she doesn't like being single and she was worried about how she would cope once her husband stopped paying for things.
She really is a wonderful person btw, I don't want anyone thinking she is weak or anything, on the contrary, I am weak because I can't hide my feelings very well, when I don't like someone, it is hard to control that.

I don't think I can be helped, besides avoid him as much as possible there is little I can do if I want to maintain my friendship but just need to vent.
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Old 12-03-2013, 10:00 AM
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Yeah, it's difficult but she might need this to see that there is something in her that attracts men of a certain disposition. The common denominator is her. I find it hard to stand by and watch, there has been times when I've had to step away for years until a friend has come to their senses. That's true of one of my best friends and a friend she had. But guess who was Maid of Honour at her wedding this year? Not that friend anyway.
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