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Old 11-18-2013, 05:39 AM
RumRumi RumRumi is offline
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Red face Female friend needed to distract from heartbreak!

The universe recently delivered quite the groin kick by: 1) having me fall in love with a friend thus catapulting me into polyamorous awareness and 2) then having said friend break my heart.

Ok, so maybe that's a bit dramatic. Here is the slightly longer version. I have always had close female friends, many off whom I've been attracted to and all of which I've cared about. I am married (I am 40 years old and have been married 11) and began a friendship with someone I worked near about 2 years ago. I eventually came to the realization I was in love with her which threw me into a state of confusion for a while. My wife, who is amazing, helped me to become accepting of my overall poly nature. After I arrived at a place of peace with being In love with two woman, woman number two decided her marriage couldn't function in a polyamorous kinda way.

So, me sad.

I would love to find a poly female going through something similar for the purpose of comisserating electronically.

Rum Rumi
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