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Old 06-09-2014, 05:09 PM
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Default Kid in a candy store! Love is all around me :)

I feel so amazing and energized at work lately. I have a serious crush on a male coworker, which I am 99% certain is mutual. I also have a slight crush on a female coworker. The former is very pro-monogamy (and his wife would literally kill us both if anything happened), but it is so lovely to feel that NRE without actually bein in a relationship. The banter, the stolen glances, the genuine concern for one another as people - these things mke life wonderful, don't they??
The female coworker is straight as far as I know, and nothing in our interactipns suggests that she likes me or suspects my feelings. Her presence induces a gentle buzz, while his presence is more of a jolt. I havent cared, truly cared, for a man like this in about 6 years, other than my unattinable Q. This isnt as strong as what I felt or feel for Q, but then I have a past life link w Q, so.. This new male crush is rooted in the present, rather than tangled up in th past.
My wife feels inadequate any time I express interest in amyone, esp.a man. Since nothing can come of these feelings, I don'tdiscuss them w her. She reaps the benefits of my extra love without knowing the force behimd them
My concern is that I have more and more dreams about the man. Saying a name in my sleep, other than Q's name (been saying HIS for years, ha ha) might make for an awkward morning conversation.. I suppose my other concern is the physical reaction Ihave to the man. I get tonguetied, or say nonsensical things, or become clumsy. Our job is v physical, w lots of sweat, adrenaline and comaraderie, which makes for a heady cocktail. Must not be clumsy or get carried away and touch him - disaster!
Still, I love these physical and emotional experiences. I love being able to love more than one, and I wouldnt change if I could.
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