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Old 05-09-2016, 01:54 PM
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Talking Three's Company

I initially posted in the wrong forum. I'm so giddy I want to post this again with updates. Me 38F, married 15yrs to Hulk 42M who met She-Ra 25F at the gym in Octoberish.

I noticed She-Ra appear on his Instagram and FB and did some stalking he was coaching her at the gym. I was not surprised when Hulk came home and told him he and She-Ra were interested in each other in Feb. I met She-Ra at the end of March and was surprised to find that we seemed to have an instant spark as well but my breath was taken away at the chemistry between Hulk and She-Ra. It was beautiful.

With my full approval while away at a competition they were able to have some physical contact and it was magic. From that point forward is was a runaway train. We hit a dark patch for a minute when my hormones went insane due to my peri-menopause. I ended up in the ER from an anxiety attack so bad I thought I was having a heart attack. Hubby thought all this was in relation to the situation and we almost lost She-Ra.

She-Ra and I prevailed and got together to talk it out. From that point forward it's been amazing. This weekend was so awesome. It started with me and She-Ra going out Friday night. We both hemmed and hawed about what to do until I said that really all I wanted was to lay in bed with her and Hulk and snuggle so She and I got dinner and raced home to be with Hulk. We watched movies and snuggled and bonded. They got up at the god awful crack of dawn to hit the gym. Came home and Hulk took our 7yr old out for breakfast and She and I went to breakfast.

She went home after breakfast but came back shortly after. The kids all went to friends houses for sleepovers and we were able to spend the rest of the day snuggling until we got hungry. We went out and when we came home I left She and Hulk to have some bonding time alone. Afterwards She wanted to talk about emotions and such so Hulk played on his computer while She and I snuggled it out and talked. At this point we decided that She isn't just Hulk's GF but we were a triad. It was all I could do not to squeal like a kid in a candy store. My heart is bursting for this woman. She had to go home Sunday and spend time with her family but came over last night to work out.

The only downside at this point is when we are all apart. I feel so empty and hollow when they aren't around. I never expected this. We weren't poly more picky swingers but meeting her was a game changer. I never expected to fall so much deeper in love with Hulk by seeing him in love with someone else. I never expected my heart to burst with joy hearing him whisper that he loves her.

So that, in a nutshell brings us to now. Thanks for letting me share.
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Old 05-09-2016, 11:48 PM
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Sounds so idyllic, three snuggled up in bed together, how i would love to experience that! Good luck you guys x
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