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Old 12-19-2013, 04:44 AM
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Default howdy from dallas

My wife (26) and i (25) became poly a little overer two years ago. It has been quite the struggle for us, but it has allowed us to open up about things we wouldnt have otherwise. So mostly this is me (the husband) sharing about our life to this point. Poly allowed us to discuss gender roles that society had placed on us and as it turns out we agreed with each other just not society. I never could get into the stereotypical male role. Don't get me wrong I love being a man and have quite a few manly qualities, but I never felt just because I had a penis my role should be forcefully inherited. I prefer to be the passive party in most things and let's face it I can be a bit forgetful when it comes to the more mundane things about housekeeping. or we can call me lazy and those chores boring which over you prefer. On the other hand I have a very strong sense of "service" and if I know what is expected or wanted those chores become tasks of great importance to me. On the other hand my wife is very self motivated a neat freak and quite dominate. She can be a bit hard to keep up with at times but she is always looking out for us and keeps us on track when my more creative dreamy silliness would have us stray into reckless territory. (There be dragons). When you talk to people about being poly their first response isoften good for you man, because they seem to have some truely deep seeded lesbian ffantasy and don't lookat it as a relationship with more than one person. Which is more of the selling point for us, as we came to the conclusion that it is wrong to think that one person has the capacity to meet all your emotional spiritual and physical needs. (Lets face it im not a woman...and im ok with that.) I identify as sexually roman, meaning I do not place barriers when it comes to love physical or emotional (pansexual before I knew that term). My wife however identifies as a lesbian that loves me! To top off the fact that we are in a female led relationship with one pansexual member and one that is predominantly gay we are also parents nerds fidelitious and pagan. What we are seeking is a loyal honest woman wish that wants to be part of a loyal honest and loving triad to date be friends and see where it goes. Thank you for enjoying this rant
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