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Old 09-10-2013, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
Really? If I don't trust them enough to tell them my username on a site and expect them to respect my request to not read it...then they would hardly qualify as "partner" by MY criteria. They would then qualify as "some random person that I have shared stuff with who obviously doesn't give a fuck about me" (in which case why in the world would I have given them this info?) - and no longer worthy of my attention, let alone my affection. This might be a good weaning tool...

I can agree with you Jane, just the other day i told Nudge someone ressurected and older post of mine on here having to do with my relationship with his wife, i sheepishly asked that he not read it, while it wasnt inflammatory he didnt need to see what was said there. He agreed, and I fully trust him to not read it. BUT...i did post it publicy, so if he does read it, thats his issue to deal with what he reads. We've agreed if we read each otehrs posts we've been asked not to, that becomes our own problem.

As far as my column, I talk about both Nudge and J in it weekly and I know they both read it, it also reaches a wider audience out on the internet so I do not say anything that would hurt or upset them, and I run topics by them first.
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