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Old 06-05-2013, 04:38 AM
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Meera - the cuddling thing is actually pretty much par for the course in my circles of friends. It is not a sexual thing (well, not inherently, certain groups of friends have a tendency to gravitate a bit more that direction) and it's not a poly thing; it's more of a "raised by hippies and very into sharing physical affection - hugs, cuddles, kisses on the cheek, platonic petting, hand holding, etc. - with people I care about" kind of thing. She and I had already cuddled a few times when hanging out in the past, and again, the movie and cuddles thing was *her* idea.

That said, it's a good point that she might be thinking that's the expectation. Or even if she's not specifically thinking it, it might be a subconscious concern. When she feels ready to talk, I will make a point of letting her know that's not the case. Thanks for the new perspective to consider.
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