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Old 05-27-2013, 05:44 PM
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Default Married poly couple looking for someone to keep in Manteca, Ca

My husband and I have been together for nearly ten years now. We have a very stable relationship and are not jealous in any way. We are completely open and talk about everything imaginable so, there is no need for unnecessary jealousies or any mistrust of any kind. Our relationship hasn't always been like this though. We've had our rough patches and the poly thing is still new to us. When we figured out how to talk, shedding the conformities and ways that you're told you should be became a little.... Easier. I (the wife) have always believed that it was completely possible to have more than just two people in a relationship, to have it completely functioning and everyone happy. Even in childhood and before I knew it had an actual name. It took my husband a little getting used to. He started with wanting to see me with another girl, got used to that idea then, everything just snowballed from there lol. We are 'out' with a few family members and to the more important friends in our lives. Now, all this leads up to what we are looking for. We would like to find a third person to join into our relationship. Not just a 'unicorn'. While sex is great and all, we like the rest too. We want someone to come over and watch movies with us or whenever we go somewhere, you come too. Like, a real significant other. Real friendship is very important to us. We are in Manteca, Ca and would like someone really close to us. Just because it would make things easier. But we are willing to drive a little bit, if you are too.

A little about us so it's not quite a shot in the dark for you and hopefully a little less weird to click the reply button :
We are both really easy going. We don't get jealous or offended over anything, really. We like to go places and see things just as much as we love to be home watching a movie or TV. We do everything together as much as possible. We don't do drugs but will drink a little every now and then. Just so it's clear, we are completely disease free in every way and expect the same.

The wife: I'm a stay at home wife but not your typical girl. I love talking to new people whenever possible. I prefer to watch 'smart' tv and read about anything possible, online. I'm that weird person that can make anything out of nothing and make it amazing (no, that's not me thinking I'm better than anyone, I've just screwed things up enough times to know how to do it right lol). I love to use what most other people think is 'garbage' to make wonderful new things. I love to cook and feed people.

The husband: He is your typical guy. He loves his car and working on it whenever possible. Sports are always on the TV (specifically golf and football). He draws really well but usually needs someone to tell him to draw something for them instead of him doing something by himself. He has the gift of bullshit lol. He is completely honest, just don't take it personally. He works very hard for us and does anything he can to help out anyone he cares about.

Feel free to say hello! Even if you don't want to join us, we would also love to find like-minded friends because, well... Feeling you have to hide shit sucks lol.

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Old 06-03-2013, 06:15 PM
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Thumbs up Alchemies of life

...... Ahhh! Resonating w: the spirit in your writings --- I wish I could just fold the space-time map so we'd suddenly discover ourselves in the same town, as next door neighbors(!) delighting in the ease of acquainting ourselves which would b accorded by such an arrangement.

Wishing u love.
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