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Old 05-24-2013, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
The only hesitation I have with the idea of calendars/schedules is that I fear they will devolve into a method of control. Everyone involved would need to respect that it is simply to illustrate what someone voluntarily wants to do... not what they have an obligation to do.

As long as that is in place I've got no problem letting someone know when my gaming weekends are - if that helps them plan out their time better.
Definitely important to use a schedule as a "in general" not "for certain" or "guaranteed".

We use a calendar-where everyone (even extended out of household) family writes on there (as things get scheduled) what is going on. So "Sweet Pea-piano recital" and "LR-class" and "Maca-ot" and "family swim" are all on there. By the time it's a week in advance-it's usually full as hell.

On the other hand, while Maca and I GENERALLY aim to have a date night on Friday nights, and Wednesday nights we GENERALLY reserve for discussing any potential relationship issues (haven't needed that one in months)-
If there is something special-it changes.
So, for example, GG and I anniversary plans-altered date night for Maca and me. Shrug.

It's important to remember that calendar only works if you use it AND it has to be malleable because no matter how much we wish-we don't REALLY have control over shit in life.
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