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Old 12-29-2015, 06:20 AM
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Default My husband and I are looking for a female to share good times and maybe more.

My husband and I am a loyal, dedicated couple in Twin Falls, Idaho who are seeking to expand our relationship to include a lady worthy of our devotion. We maintain honest and open communication, which to us means that if you tell one of us, it is the same as telling both of us. We have an entourage of pets who are well trained, loyal, and dedicated. Among those are 3 large dogs and 5 cats, the latter of which keeps the mouse population down. We both have strong personalities that can be at times considered stubborn but we value each other’s individualities. My husband is a truck driver who is only home once a week or so. While on the road he listens to books much of the time. That is something I share with him though his philosophical views do catch me off guard at times. We both enjoy the depth of an intelligent. He does suffer from mild PTSD and has chronic back pain so we have cultivated a peaceful atmosphere in our house and wish to maintain it through this new experience. His chronic problems are not all that we face, I also have crohn's which interfere with my ability to function at times. Because of this, and our sarcastic sense of humor, we take a very light view of life. He does have ambition which is selfless in nature. I have to work at forcing him to take care of himself at times much to my annoyance. This is an example where the stubbornness both of us share becomes a hindrance to the peace. Each of us has our own hobbies. My husband, because he is driving most of the time, wants to be able to stay home on his days off. Though he enjoys video games, he also enjoys cuddling in front of the fireplace and watching movies with me. This activity will be shared with a lady. As well as the enjoyment of cuddling, I enjoy cooking and going out and would like to find an activity partner in a lady.

We are looking for something more than just bedroom playmate. I would categorize myself a bi-curious or possibly bi-sexual. I have some experience with playing. We do understand that strength in a relationship comes with time, trust, and open communication and would like to find someone who would be open to a strong peaceful relationship. We would like someone who shares our values such as a good work ethic, a sarcastic sense of humor, and a light outlook on life in general. She will need to be ok with our animals. She will also need to show empathy for both our medical conditions and help us keep a positive view of reality. I would like to find a lady who has a healthy imagination. Neither my husband nor I want someone who is our subordinate in life but in play we can play it by ear. We want someone who is our equal and can share in the joy we find in each other. My husband and I have a good life together which we wish to share with a lady and we hope she would offer richness and depth to our relationship. We want a long term equal relationship to be a possibility if our personalities are compatible but we are together and won’t change that. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, contact me.

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