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Old 04-16-2013, 07:56 PM
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Today, I am grateful simply for the opportunity and understanding of the possibility to love multiple partners. I am grateful for my wife's opportunity to do the same. I've given up on designs. I suppose i like the ideas of "polyflexible" and "polyconsiderate"
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Old 04-19-2013, 09:20 PM
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I understand what u are saying about couples hunting. If you look up my hubby Marvin's post about his story you will infer that my gf and I were "taking applications" when we all became us. We had tried it before and were both equally on board. It sounds strange but we aren't really bi sexual we just loved eachother and chose to be companions. We both knew we wanted a man...not a toy but a man to love and love us and to spend life with, but how do you approach someone like that? "hey by the way, would u like to have sex with two women instead of one For The Rest Of Your LIFE! Oh and also two women nagging, saying you don't listen, having Pms simultaneously and expecting your ongoing love and adulation (if not abject worship). Okay to be fair the worship part is just me. I'm a Leo go figure. It was hard. First I tried "cold calling" dating sites etc because I'm the outgoing one. No success. Meat markets. Then we had a couple of opportunities with people I knew and liked, but r and I are opposites so that was difficult. We didn't like the same guys and they tried but couldnt balance the relationships. I even gave up and had considered having an outside relationship, but it was too Painful for r and not the right man. So in a one more try at this state of mind, we compromised. We had both known Marvin ( and no he is so not a Marvin, I have no IDEA why chose that username) he was A LITTle younger ( caps for his benefit) and a Hottie! We had all known eachother for years. She had had a quiet crush on him during their coffee breaks and I had comforted him through two crazy marriages, hung out with him as a buddy, teased him like the total a hole I could be back then, and found comfort in his friendship. I would love to say what followed was a "smooth transition" it was not. There was a lot of selfishness, jealousy, insecurity on all sides. Five years later things have finally bloomed. I can't imagine life without them. I love them both fiercely and I know we would all live and die for eachother. I know first hand it's hard. And being solo is very difficult without guilt or hurting someone. The truth is not always kind to hear even if it's what u want. Just be careful and try not to hurt others in your search to be you. That's the big Rubiks cube. I find it much easier to be a triad. It's nice to be able to tell your best friends about eachother and to have a non bias mediator in an argument. Wow I digress. My point was (before I got distracted) the best relationships start as honest friendship. It takes time and there is no quick fix like some people look for. I wish you all the best in search of true love in whatever form it takes.
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