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Old 02-03-2015, 12:24 AM
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Default Someone Pinch me....

Hello, everyone.

I have been in a polyamorous relationship with a wonderful couple for just over 5 months now. It has been very exciting and a little trying at times. We are all kind of in a disbelief that we are able to make this work. One of my partners is a life time friend, my best friend, the other partner her husband who I have also known for many years, even before they met. The world is small and it is strange how we all are linked together in some way or in some cases in many ways.

Now 5 months is not a very long time I do know, but we are all working towards building a wonderful poly family. helping and supporting each other in every way possible. I think that the NRE has just about worn off now and we are settling in with everyday life and responsibilities, but it is still so really awesome that we all seem to click so well I feel like I need someone to just pinch me.....
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Old 02-03-2015, 03:26 AM
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Old 02-03-2015, 09:23 PM
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Default My Birthday........

So I see that people on this sight don’t tend to use real names here to protect the identity of people and keeping that in mind as well as my love for Doctor Who I will refer to my primary lovers as The Doctor and Rose and my secondary lover as Captain Jack, as he was once in the Navy.

So my birthday was just a little more than a week ago, January 25th, and I was so excited thinking that I was going to spend the weekend with The Doctor and Rose, my partners, lovers, friends, family….When Rose called me Friday on her way home from work. She was asking me what I had planned for the evening and I had planned on coming over with my daughter she had been wanting to play with Rose’s Granddaughter Bree. But Rose informed me that it was not a good night for that because she and The Doctor were going to have a Date night….. Now I am aware that they need time alone but I was really put off that it was happening on the weekend of my birthday. But I just told her I hope that they had a great time and I would talk to her the next day. I mean it was not my birthday yet,, my birthday was not until Sunday after all. So I tried not to think about it too much but to be honest it was really bothering me.
So I decided that I would visit with a friend online and drink my favorite wine and just relax for the evening. And that is what I did.

Saturday the 24th I woke up early made coffee trying to recover from the wine hangover. ( I drank the whole bottle)…. When The Doctor texted me good morning. He was on his way home from picking up his son from work. Wanting to know what I was up to and knowing that I usually get up early for coffee he came over and we snuggled just a little on the couch and shared some coffee together. But he left early said he had errands to run and would talk to me latter……

About midday just as I was getting out of the shower he sent me a text that they were planning to take me out for dinner and would be picking me up about 730….. now they don’t normally make last minute plans but I was glad that we would be going out this evening as I had really missed them this week. Our schedules had really kept us apart, and my birthdays are not historically happy. So I was looking forward to our evening out. Latter he said we would be going to the Pub that we really like that we had not been to since before the holidays, another friend of mine was also planning to be there so that was even more exciting as it was also his birthday weekend.

As 7pm approached I received a message that they were running late, Rose was not feeling well. I was worried that they were going to cancel on me now. I just said ok, and I hope she was okay and felt better soon. Then about 7:20 I received a message that The Doctor was on his way and that Rose would not be coming she was just not feeling well enough. Now I was really upset about this but before I could respond he was already at my house to pick me up.
So I ask what is wrong with Rose, and he says just her stomach she would be fine and I would see her latter not to worry. Ok so I tell him about my other friend that is at the same Pub celebrating his birthday and tell him that someone else had checked themselves in at the Pub on Facebook and said that they were with me there. I was confused as to why because I had not told anyone that I was going to the Pub. He said that he might have mentioned it to a few people and that could be why.

So we get there and we walk in and I see my friend right away and go to hug his neck and say happy Birthday and then I see some of my co-workers who also know this friend, everyone was so glad to see me and wishing me a happy birthday when The Doctor grabs my elbow to tell me that our table is ready. As I turn to follow him to the next room I see lights and cameras pointing at me and a beautiful birthday cake shaped like an Owl… and my beautiful Rose yelling surprise……..

They threw me a wonderful surprise party and they did totally surprise me…… as well as gave me the most beautiful infinity heart shaped diamond ear rings. I was nearly in tears I was so happy and surprised. We spent the evening together visiting with my friends and some of my family, having dinner and drinks and then we went home to their house where we finished the evening off just the three of us.
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Old 02-03-2015, 11:55 PM
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What an awesome surprise! I'm glad it ended well
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