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Old 09-27-2010, 03:18 AM
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Default what am i missing

Just sitting here at dennys sunday night alone as usual just wondering what life is about been doing this poly thing for almost a year now been trying over and over with two guys now ups and downs but still it gets so confusing never can they make up their minds just when i think i get things straight things pop up a new female comes in an at first everything is fine lets call this the alpha female syndrome its what i call it if lables have to be used (i hate lables) the guys and i get along fine as long as a girl is not involved) its when they first involve a new female we get along good maybe not all the guys but one of them and the female does all goes well and and she looks and sounds great then all the sudden that alpha female comes charging out and she starts pushing me out more and more now all i care about is my two best friends we are just that committed best friends nothing more and we like it this way the alpha females i speak of never lasts but the friction lord its hard to manage any advice other then to hold my tongue till i know they fade as they always do. still new at this and just barely at the best friends stages but one day would so love to have a loving strong poly realationship with a female involved with my two best guy friends but it never seems to happen.

kym aka the dreamer
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