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Old 12-23-2012, 04:18 AM
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Default New member seeking advice

Hi, I want to be in a polyamourous relationship. I love a woman and yet want more than a monogamous relationship. I have had monogamous relationships in the past and none have left me with a sense of fulfillment. In the end the inability to have sex and love other people has lead to resentment and anger.

With my current partner I have told her that I want to have the option of relations with other people. That in order for our relationship to progress I want to allow that to be an option that exists.

What I want to know is how practically does a poly-relationship that I've outlined work? I want to be in a loving caring relationship with this woman. Yet I desire to have other relationships if and when they arise.

Any suggestions, rules, advice or warnings would be gratefully received.

Please help.

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Old 12-23-2012, 06:22 PM
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Hi Kent,

Welcome to polyamory.com. You might want to read and read, and then have a read. There are tons of stories on here that explain 'how poly relationships work.'

Pretty much, as far as I can tell, they all work differently. You and your current partner will have to find a way that works for you.

The Golden Nuggets section has links to lots of useful things, also you can search by using the tag cloud for subjects that look interesting.

happy surfing!
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
Robert A. Heinlein

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Old 12-23-2012, 11:02 PM
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Hello Kent,
Welcome to our forum.

The most important ingredient in just about any poly relationship is honest, considerate communication. So keep the communication channels wide open between you and the woman you love. Communicate often and well, and keep learning how to communicate better. You might want to do a search on this site for "communication."

That said, many other things are important for a successful poly relationship too, so have a look around and just explore this site in general. See what threads call to you, and post any thoughts or questions that come to your mind.

Glad you could join us.
Kevin T.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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