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Old 06-10-2009, 04:52 PM
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Sky, I wish you luck, but alas, like me you may be that hopeless romantic. Obviously we all have baggage going thru life. To me the key is 3-4 people being able to live and love together sans baggage, is difficult enough to try to find. Now you mix in addiction (of any kind), mental illness, multiple personalities, etc and my God (if you believe in one) where does it stop? How could any poly life exist with all that going on? Seems to me, people need to get well, first. After that, maybe poly has a chance. But alas, the hopeless romantic in me lives differently....As I write this my wife and I are helping our 3rd go thru her divorce, the selling of her house, and shipping her only child off to college. Baggage? You bet...and many trying emotional and physically difficult times for us all but she's worth it, and the poly relationship is worth it. I can tell you this however, if there were any other factors invloved, like cheating, drugs or any kind of gameplaying trying to undermine the relationship, all bets would be off.
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