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Old 05-25-2009, 04:34 PM
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Default Wanted Good single gal to help start new family southwestern America

Wanted Good single gal to help start a new family...

I'm looking for one girl to start with and hope to add more. Live a simple natural Gypsy lifestyle traveling in motor homes, campers and lots of jeeps for where we park, is in the outback, where we use solar, wind generator, water generator when available, and back up generator if needed. We grow our own food by reverse bucket so that we always have food in our mobile green house. We live in the best places with millions of acres at our door step, with trout streams, lakes and much more. We get what we need from the ground and survive on love within the family and sisters.

There is a time coming no one knows not when, but a pleag will be released not just this last smart bomb called the swine flue. There will be a time when all will be corralled into the cities to control man, the systems have been built, the chip will be there for all to get in the forehead or right hand. We need to survive without this. The time is already here for True Christians can not buy or sell anything without the mark/symbol social security number. Everything you buy just about now days, you need your SSN to buy it and you can't get a business license to "sell" without a SSN. To many of you this may be nothing, to those of us who believe what the Bible teaches we walk the narrow path and refuse to go where the rest of you are heading on the wide path.

I seek, one girl to start a family, a tribe if you want to call it, that is experienced in outdoors, survival, 4-wheeling, first aid, hunting, cooking, doesn't get lost in the woods and more. I've learned all of this and more, if you want to learn I'll teach you too, so that between us, we may teach your sisters who join the family.

I have four jeeps a motor home custom built like something out of Mad Max. Can run over six inch trees and the crash bumper front and rear has not been stopped yet by anything. Working on building a new motor home, I own the company that custom builds these "Tanks" with everything in them for survival of over a year. Propane cooking, heating and lights come from frame mounted tanks with a trailer that can pump propane from any bottle or other tanks, fuel tanks the same way can be pumped in from other sources, water tanks that can suck water from a cattle track, goes through a complete osmosis system so the water is safe for drinking/cooking etc. The motor home is armor plated unlike fiberglass and alum. RVs that fall apart the first time they go to close to a tree. Security video and sound system along with ground air radar is planned for the new rig.

So, if your the right girl, who wants adventure, travel and romance in her life, willing to explore America and other countries, are fit, able to pull your own weight when needed in the family, want or have kids, then you and I should start talking. I'm located in the southwestern part of America, never been to the United States and don't plan on visiting there in my life. Gun's are not everything, if you have it between your ears, then you know how to survive.

I believe that all family members pull their own weight and we share everything with each other. We are clean, no drugs, booze, smoking in the family. There is room for you right now, have an extra bed and extra jeep if you can drive a stick shift. If not, I'm sure you'll learn how to soon after you move in with me.

For more information write me.
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