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Old 12-03-2010, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by booklady78 View Post
The best suggestion I can give is not to worry too much about 'potential reactions' and all the 'what ifs'. You've decided what you want your relationships to look like, be as confident and sure as you can be and explain that you aren't looking for a debate or looking for advice from those you are telling. In my own experience, coming out has tremendous highs and lows and there can be a fine line between explaining it and defending it. The decision to share it with friends, family, co-workers, etc. is a big one. Be prepared for some initial shock, but those who truly love and accept you will at least want to try and understand and support you. You may have to take a step back from those who are intolerant, but hopefully those people come around. For those that do love and support you, surround yourself with them and they will help you through it <3
Exactly! Unfortunately it took our first gf passing away for us to realize that we were going to live our lives our way and didn't need/want anyone's approval. We were just helping a "friend" who needed a place to stay, and it was horrible to have to hide our relationship when we were with family. Fortunately our friends knew so that made it a bit easier, but we didn't attend many family functions for that reason. After she passed and people started asking questions (I have a portrait of her on my left arm...imagine explaining that one to my mom!!) and my wife and I decided we were going to tell people. If they wanted to be in our lives, then this was something they had to accept. Just that simple.

We are all very concerned with what our families think of us. Why is that? Should you sacrifice your happiness so they can have theirs? Interesting question when you think about it. There is a happy medium that can be had and honesty is usually the best way there.

Live life to the fullest 'cause you never know if you're gonna wake up tomorrow!
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