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Old 05-29-2010, 02:10 AM
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Cool My journey of Discovery

Hi all, I'm Raze (this is the part where you say "Hi Raze") and I'm polyamorous

Well this is something I've always known, and it took alot of love and acceptance from my beautiful friends for me to accept it myself. How about we start at the beginning? Glad you agree lol.

Well lets start with the first hurdle I had to jump, being a homosexual (yes yes, I know, no relation, but this thread is about introducing myself right? good, now read on lol) Well there were always signs that I was gay, and I always knew, it just took other people some time to catch up. I think the first sign was wayyyy back when I was like 4 years old, and my family was watching "The RuPaul Show" (you guys remember back when she had a talk show? yeah that) and I remember having the HUGEST crush on RuPaul, and after revealing this to my eldest brother, who then revealed to me that RuPaul was actually a... you'll never believe it... but she was a DRAG QUEEN!! Even after learning this I was still an avid fan of RuPaul, and still am to this day. Since on most occasions I'm very cisgender and masculine, most people wouldn't even know until I tell them, and oddly enough, I've NEVER had someone react negatively after I "came out" to them, I've truly been blessed to have some the best friends and family around me. And that's that half of my "alternate lifestyle"

Now to the good juicy part that you've all been waiting for, my poly half. Well my first encounter with poly was also through television. I was watching "Friends" (I still love that show) and there was an episode about Phoebe (my favorite character) trying to find out more about her parents by visitting her mother's high school friend, who it turns out was actually her mother and father's girlfriend.... like.... together I was like wowww, that's possible? but ever since seeing that, I've had a strange connection with Phoebe's parents (i know they aren't real people lol, but I think at least some of you get what I mean). And in all of my relationships through high school, I always felt like there was something (or SomeOne) missing, and I always thought back to Phoebe's parents. Then a few months after I graduated high school last year (I know I know... I'm a baby ) I was having a very serious conversation with my besties about relationships and love and the complexities of it, and I thought this was a better time than any to tell them about this lifestyle that had been plaguing my subconscious for so long. And although they are very much so monogamous and admitted to not wanting to take part in a poly relationship themselves, they were completely supportive of me and encouraged me to go out and find the right guy(s) for me. (I seriously LOVE my friends, they're like the best friends that any good friend could ever pray to have as a friend ) and though I've never actually been in a Set In Stone relationship, I have experienced a sort of Vee like configuration with two guys who shared me. It didn't work out because of.... well that's just a long story... but alas, I have not given up on finding those perfect men for me

I discoverred this forum about a week ago, and after reading up on so many of you guy's forums and threads (particularly reading Mono and Redpepper's thread about Success, seriously all the love displayed between all of you almost brought a tear to my eye [and by almost, I mean did lol]) I am so optimistic about this lifestyle, and can't wait to really take part in my first real triad, or quad (I'd really love to be in one of these, I'm not much a fan of the Vee configuration, or the completely open relationships, just my personal preference and from experience, no shade to the people who are in those configurations )

I'll be most likely chronicling my relationship endeavers when they occur right here on this forum, but until then, I'm open to any advice you may have for me, and will also try my best to add my 2cents to any of your threads that catch my eye.....

*sigh*... Woo Sahh.... was that a good intro? lol

"So Lay Here Beside Me, Just Hold Me, And Don't Let Go
This Feeling I'm Feeling is Something I've Never Known
And I Just Can't Take My Eyes Off You" ~ ~ Lady Antebellum
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Old 05-30-2010, 07:14 AM
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"Hi Raze"

If you turn your willpower over to a higher power...oh wait, wrong support group Besides, there's nothing to "cure" here
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Old 06-04-2010, 06:37 AM
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Originally Posted by RazeGeneration View Post

I discoverred this forum about a week ago, and after reading up on so many of you guy's forums and threads (particularly reading Mono and Redpepper's thread about Success, seriously all the love displayed between all of you almost brought a tear to my eye [and by almost, I mean did lol])

Glad we can make someone else besides ourselves cry LOL! Seriously, thanks for the kind words and welcome to the forums!

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new gay triad quad

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