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Old 08-21-2012, 01:23 PM
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Smile Looking for a sister wife to complete our family

looking for a sister wife...

Looking for someone who is willing to come and be a part of our family. We are a very close knit family looking to make it larger.

We both have previously been married and have learned a lot along the way. We are committed to each other and deeply in love. We both are ready to share that love with someone else. We are also not opposed to her having a child as we have a little miracle who is approaching 2 years old. He is rambunctious and kinda rules the house. We dont put any real restraints on him. He is extremely shy though and takes a while to warm up to others. Him having other children around would be ideal. Also because the hubby does not plan on having other children we would really feel like this would be good for our sister wife although if you have no children that is okay too.

About him:

He is caramel complexioned, 6 ft, bald by choice, passionate, hardworking, introvert who is a go to work come straight home type of guy who is a very private person. He loves looking at political things and keeping up on current events. He loves playing Texas Hold Em Poker and the beach.
He's a tee shirt and flip flop wearing kind of guy. He loves passionate women who are loyal, have pretty feet and love to wear heels. He is very affectionate and loves great conversation. He also likes peace in his relationships so there is virtually no argument that cant be solved he feels by listening, apologizing when necessary and working to make things better.

About her:

She is of mixed race, short an extrovert who is an extremely opinionated person and can be goofy at times. She loves helping others, loves to bake and cook and very family oriented. She prefers looking at reality TV, playing online gaming, bingo and games on her Iphone. I guess she is making up for lost time since she never was interested in games like that as a little girl. She is a stay at home mom who loves her job of caring for the family. She is also attracted to a woman who have pretty feet and natural as possible. She has recently started a natural hair process which is growing back. She is talkative at times and willing to open up and share anything.

Both of us love going to the casino when we get a chance. We both are spiritual people but not overly religious. We both are homebody people who get out every now and then. We enjoy trying new restaurants, traveling and going to the beach when possible. We do everything together and want someone who has the same philosophy and want to join us. We are a very settled down couple who dont do drugs and only drink occasionally. We love good debates that end with mutual respect for each others opinion.

What we would like in an ideal sister wife

We are fairly new to the area, currently live in Kissimmee, Florida and dont entertain anyone. We are looking for someone who is okay with this type of arrangement as we dont want to bring people in and out of our home. Someone content with spending her time with us as a family. As we dont go out to clubs or any night scene really. She must not be a smoker at all as we both find this to be an extreme turn off. We love animals but cant have one due to our son so she must not have pets.

Someone who is understanding, loving, affectionate and family oriented. Someone who can accept our son and treat him as she would her own. As we will embrace any children you bring into the family. Someone who is willing to share our bed on occassions, who is open to sharing a man and who is committed to work through any jealous feelings that may arise. We dont want someone who is drama filled or feel they have to go outside of the home to work out problems. We work on things as a family and always are respectful of each other.

You do not have to work if you dont want to but its okay if she chooses to. Someone willing to take on chores but dont have to worry about cooking as she does all the cooking for the family. We abide by a strict diet which consists of mostly fish, deer, chicken and turkey. We are okay with incorporating beef although we both just chose to stop eating beef and corn about 2 years now. Bringing other meats though into the home would not work at all.

We are not that caught up on the physical beyond the feet. BBW's are also welcome. We are open to all races. The only thing we both dont want is someone who is a stud or butch like woman. We are open to a woman being sexy but trashy. Someone who is respectful in the streets but know how to let loose behind closed doors. She must be DD free as we both are.
We are open to all ages but maturity is a must and must be a legal consenting adult.
We both are average in weight and pretty good looking in our opinion and have been told this many times. We are not a superficial couple though and are looking for someone who can fit with our family. Loyalty, a good heart and someone mature are the traits we both seek.
We both are pretty attentive but prefer someone who does not need constant attention and who is not high maintenance. As we both are just down to earth average folks. Cant be someone bored easily as we are a pretty normal family and operate as such. So it cant be someone who seeks to constantly be entertained. Must be willing to communicate and work through things together. We dont believe in letting things fester and boil over. We like to to solve it, not hold grudges and just move on.

This woman must be committed to being with us and only us. No outside relationships whatsoever. We both are committed to taking care of your needs as long as you communicate those to us. We are seeking someone who is okay with being very oral sexually as we both love giving as well as receiving.We are seeking someone who is willing to live with us only right now. We are open to explore other options though if you prefer to live outside the home.

We wont waste your time and we dont want anyone wasting our time. So we will only respond to those who send pics. We are not looking to be swingers but only seeking a bi-sexual woman who is willing to join our family. Which means NO MEN WHATSOEVER!!!! We are not looking for a prostitute or escort services either. It is important to us to know who we are talking to and verifying that it is indeed someone real. So must be willing to voice verify.

We will make a commitment that we will get to know each other and let the person know fairly quickly if we are interested and we would expect the same in return.

So please write back if you are interested in this type of arrangement. Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you are looking for and things you dont like. Dont forget to send a pic as we will not respond to those without pics. At least one of the pics must be of your actual face. You dont have to worry as this will be strictly confidential and discreet.

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