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Old 07-25-2012, 07:18 PM
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Default Feast or Famine!

Wow! It has been about a year since I last posted about hitting a stumbling block with the poly lifestyle my wife and I are living. We are still together (stronger than ever) and we are still poly. But things have been changing for me.

A year ago, attracting a poly girlfriend was almost impossible and things were starting to frustrate me. But, that has passed now and I seem to have gone on to the opposite extreme. I now have three women who have expressed interest in a relationship with me. (No, I am not bragging and I will explain why below.)

Over that past year-and-a-half on several different occasions, my wife would ask me, "Are we doing the right thing here?" My response was usually, "Yes. I think we can make this work."

Well, now I am in a position where I can understand why she asked that question so many times. She was the one putting herself out there and was experiencing that feeling of being torn. Now, I am the one putting myself out there and am going through those same feelings.

Whereas a year ago, I could barely get women to talk with me, today, I am worried about hurting them and especially hurting my wife. Maybe I am not as poly as I thought I was. I thought this would be a little more smooth going.

My wife and I have been discussing this with each other, but no one can predict the future.

I guess I am just little bit paranoid that there are pitfalls ahead that I cannot see.

Anyone else have an experience like this? If so, how did you deal with it?

Thanks in advance.
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