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Smile My ideal ~ a short story

Name meanings ~

(I picked most these without knowing what they meant, and thought it was interesting.)

Nyala ~ 'Beautiful antelope'
Nissa ~ 'Friendly elf' or 'To test'
(M) Holden ~ 'Deep valley'
(M) Daith ~ 'Beloved'
Willow ~ 'Graceful'
Tulla ~ 'Strength' or 'A little hill'

Nyala walked down the dirt road, the warm powdery soil kicking up in puffs behind her. She swung her basket as she went. She'd been to the southern end of the property picking berries and was hoping to make pie with Holden. As she walked by the gardens, she heard her children playing with Nissa's older daughter and smiled. Leaning over the apple-tree fence, she called out her hello to the children and their adopted Grandmother, Willow.
“Hello, Nyala. Are you done picking berries?” Willow asked.
“Yes, I'm headed to the house to make pie with Holden. Have you seen him?”
“He was here just a little while ago, I think he and Nissa were headed to the lodge for his massage since the kids are occupied,” Willow replied.
“Oh, okay. Well I'll leave them to it then,” she said, and humming at the thought of a few more moments alone, she walked towards the house she shared with her husband and children. Massage was their code word. Sometimes it meant just that, other times it meant he and Nissa were taking time to be more intimate. Either way he always came back more relaxed and happy. Nissa somehow brought out a side of him that was spiritual and playful. Her sweet, laid-back energy and lack of stress were a great match for him.
As she walked towards her house, Daith came out of his simple log cabin. She waved and he came over, pulling her into a tight hug. She loved the way their bodies fit together. With Holden she felt comforted, loved and familiar, with Daith she felt protected and understood.
“Did you get a lot of berries?” He asked.
“Yes, I was about to make pie, do you want to help?”
“Yeah, sure, but first I have to go turn off the water in the hay field, do you want to come?”
“No, I'll just meet you in the outdoor kitchen, okay?”
“Sounds good,” he smiled, then dropping a quick kiss on her lips, he turned and walked off.
Nyala walked into the house and grabbed everything she'd need to make the pies, then using the kitchen cart, wheeled it to the outdoor cooking area. Picking up the gluten-free crust mix she'd made out of their own flour, she smiled. Their work was so fulfilling, she couldn't imagine why it'd taken her so long to live this life.
As she prepared, she drank some cider that Holden had made for her the fall before from their own apple tree fences. She also smoked a small bowl of their own weed, cultivated by Holden at the back of their property. It was smooth and mellow, and gave her a great energetic high.
She was dusting her hands with flour in preparation for making pie crusts when Holden and Nissa walked over, laughing. By the look on their faces she could tell they'd been intimate. It didn't bother her in the least. She knew and loved both of them, and trusted they would be open with her and work with each other on their feelings and thoughts. She hugged them, and Nissa gave her a quick peck on the cheek. When she'd left to go to the garden, Holden smiled, and asked her if she wanted help.
“Sure. And Daith should be here in a few moments to help as well.”
“Great, I wanted to talk with him about finishing planting the onions this evening,” Holden replied.
“Yeah, and maybe we can discuss how the cabins for the retreat center are coming along,” Nyala replied.
“Sounds good, babe,” he answered. Nyala went to him and wrapped her arms around him, holding him close. Breathing in his scent made her feel at peace and happy. They kissed for a few moments, then broke apart and began making the pies.
When Daith walked in he had a shirttail full of eggs, so he went to the sink and began washing them. The three chatted for a few minutes while they worked, then Nissa and the kids ran over, laughing, their hands full of kales and snap peas from the gardens. Willow trailed behind, carrying Nissa and Holden's baby, which they had named Tulla. Nyala was so glad there was a baby around, and also glad it wasn't hers. She knew her time would come, but she was enjoying being with other people's children too.
Besides, she, Daith, and Holden had been talking about her becoming pregnant by Daith, as he had no children of his own yet and really did want at least one. The thought of having two wonderful men, as well as Nissa and Willow to support her during a pregnancy made her whole being shine with joy and love. Willow had been a midwife in her younger days, and had delivered Tulla. Nyala had been there too of course, as well as Holden, and the entire event had been so perfect and holy she'd wept for weeks afterward.
The adults set up the children washing the veggies with the hose over near the house, with Willow supervising. She was wonderful with the children, and they all loved her. Nissa sat down to breastfeed Tulla, and Holden went to her and kissed her head. Seeing this, Daith winked at Nyala. She smiled. She never could have imagined a life so full and peaceful.
Presently Daith and Holden got involved in an deep conversation about the cabins they were building for the retreat center, and Holden broke up the intensity by teasing Daith about the size of his penis. Nissa and Nyala grinned at one another, happy that the guys felt comfortable enough with one another to joke in such a typically male way. The two men were rarely at odds, as close friends it only seemed natural to share one woman and for Holden to have another one to love. Daith hadn't found another partner besides Nyala, and he and Nissa weren't suited for one another. The arrangement worked because they all cared deeply about one another and each other's happiness and friendship.
The children didn't know about the details, they did know that sometimes one or the other of the adults had a 'sleepover' at one another's house, but it was always billed as a friendship thing, and so far none of them had mentioned it. Nyala thought it was wonderful that the kids had so many caring adults to look after them, and she loved Willow for her understanding and discretion regarding their situation. All in all, their life was full of love and joy and it worked so well the four of them couldn't imagine living any other way.
When there were disagreements or time conflicts, they were handled with discussion and the understanding that everyone's needs were important. Compromises were reached, and they'd all grown significantly as people from their intertwining relationships. Learning to go with the flow had been the biggest challenge for Nyala, as a Type A. She was grateful she'd had the chance to give up her pre-conceived notions that being in control and in charge at all times was best. It had been so good for her. Learning to trust that everyone had good intent and really did mean everything for the best had brought her into a state of almost perpetual bliss. She finally had the life she wanted ~ easy, full of people she loved, and full of trust and understanding. She felt whole.
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