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Old 04-20-2010, 11:49 AM
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If there are two things that I have learned in my four years of exploring the poly dating world, it's that if you want to meet people to date you basically have two choices:

1. Go find people to hang out with, either by joining established social groups (poly or poly-inclined or whatever), or by being the person who makes the social fun happen, and

2. Try meeting online people, via OKCupid or Plentyoffish or Polymatchmaker, etc. If you lean more in the introvert direction this may be a better choice, I have unscientific evidence that it seems to work well for some people. Although not for me. But I'm not an introvert.

I have gotten the idea that the Tampa area is one of those poly hotbeds, if you don't like the kind of social gatherings that are being organized in your area, organize some of your own. I know that some people in the San Francisco poly community were trying "speed dating" events a couple of years ago, I have no idea what became of that effort, but why not try and organize something like that where you live?
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