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Old 07-04-2012, 10:06 PM
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We talked about this a lot. And we have finally made it a reality! My wife has a boyfriend that she has been seeing on and off for a few months now. I like him and we get along pretty well. When she is with him they are always alone together for a day or two at a time.

When I was a work recently my wife texted me "come home early - i have a special treat for you!"

Well this piqued my curiosity and I got home about an hour early letting her know I was on the way. When I got home she was nowhere to be found.

Until I went upstairs to the bedroom!

He boyfriend was on top of her and they were both sweating like crazy while they made love. I stopped in my tracks!! I watched them for a while and she smiled and told me to wait a minute.

When he was done he rolled off her and she said, "Hop on!" with her wicked little smile. I did not have to be asked twice. As she and I made love her boyfriend layed next to us to cool off.

When it was all over we had some wine (I thought we would have to be a little intoxicated BEFORE we ever did anything so wild) and he ended up spending the night.

A truly amazing evening. A fantasy come true for both of us. I'm not sure how often her boyfriend is going to want to have all of us there together but he was a good sport.

So fantasies can be great and sometimes the reality doesn't live up to expectations but on rare occasions it can exceed them!
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Old 07-05-2012, 12:42 AM
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Sure. It's normal and you are not a freak.

Fantasy is just fantasy inside the privacy of your own head.

It's a safe space to "try things on" that you wouldn't ever do in real life, or maybe things you would like to do but don't have the opportunity to right now.

Whether or not you share your fantasies with your partner is up to you all and your comfort level.

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