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Old 04-04-2012, 04:37 AM
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Originally Posted by zylya View Post
You're essentially saying that if you're monogamous you go for a very specific type of relationship (i.e. sexually and romantically exlusive dyad) but if you're poly that you should be open to any other type of relationship.
No, actually, that's not what I was saying at all. For example, I'm straight, so I don't want to be in a triad with another woman. Therefore, I wouldn't say I "should" be open to any configuration just because I wish to practice polyamory. I wouldn't fit into just any configuration.

I have no problems with having an ideal or wish list, as I said earlier. Personally, my poly daydream is to live independently, on my own, and have four male lovers, all straight, each of whom I see at varying frequency. I allow myself to entertain that fantasy. Will it happen for me? Who knows! Will I go about looking to find people specifically to work them into that fantasy? No, I don't think so. If I might catch myself "auditioning" someone to fit one of those roles, I would hope that I can snap out of that and start seeing the reality of who's in front of me, and let it all play out on its own.

I don't want to be a collector, I want to forget about such fantasies when I'm with someone and connect with them on a heart-to-heart human level and see if we're compatible, then take it from there. I might be surprised. My fantasy might come true, or I might end up moving in with two bi guys and we're all getting it on, or I might just wind up monogamous and be deliriously happy with it. But there are people who strive in a somewhat myopic way to fit potential prospects into situations they want rather than relating to the person for who they are and see what dynamic develops naturally. I feel like it's the striving for a certain shape that isn't necessary, and can be detrimental if it blinds us to other possibilities. It's great if the people one meets are naturally inclined to the same sort of configuration you want and there is discussion on how to make it work. But I just think it should always start with the people rather than the configuration. I'm just saying to be open to what life brings us, so as not to miss the gifts we might overlook if we're only seeking a certain size and shape "container" for our love relationships.

Originally Posted by zylya View Post
What about people who naturally favour a particular relationship style? Would it not make sense for them to go finding people who also want that relationship style and doing that together?
Sure, ain't nuttin' wrong wit dat!

Originally Posted by zylya View Post
I make no secret of the fact that I'm most interested in a non-exclusive triad with two bisexual women, that's the relationship style I want more than any others. I'm not completely closed off to any other possibility though, it's just my preference. That doesn't mean that I take any woman I find that I'm potentially interested in and try and shoe-horn her into the position, it means I look for people who also prefer, or are interested in, that style of relationship.

Of course, I might end up meeting someone and go for something completely different because of who they are or what they want, but I don't think there's anything wrong with having a particular relationship configuration in mind.
Exactly. Have it in mind, hope that it can happen, even work to make it happen, but don't make it a rule and still allow for other possibilities.
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Old 04-07-2012, 02:15 PM
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It is odd. In my situation I became interested in poly because I am bisexual, and wanted a girlfriend. My husband wasn't too cool with the idea yet, so I waited. Eventually I found a guy I was interested in and my husband relented (and now embraces the idea). Recently I started crushing on another guy friend and find it silly that I keep heading toward more men even though it wasn't the reason for my poly adventure in the first place!

I think that it is pretty common for poly ladies to have male partners, but the men do not necessarily interact with each other in a sexual way. That would be the less common kind. I am finding myself very content with multiple male partners, despite my bisexual leanings and yearnings. I actually haven't craved female attention as much since gaining more male partners.
Have courage to continue this journey, for it holds nothing but lessons and wonders.
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