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Old 01-10-2012, 12:30 AM
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Default Young Seattle Couple Seeks Woman

Hello! We're not really looking to become really active members of this internet forum unless something changes. I'm essentially copy/pasting our ad from craigslist just in the hopes that this will broaden the number of people who see it, and therefore the odds that the right person will see it. Please reply!

We are a couple who are very much in love with each other, and feel that something is missing from our lives. After a lot of talking, insight, and careful thinking it over, we want to welcome someone else into our relationship. We both have so much love to give, that with just the two of us around it can often be overwhelming. We also need help in our day to day lives, both emotionally and in things around the house.

She is an Associates Degree student, employed in a union job. Loves reading, especially fantasy novels with a humorous bent. Also has done a lot of pen-and-paper as well as live-action role playing (PnP and LARP for those in the know). Wants to someday open a Japanese-Mexican fusion restaurant, or a law firm, or both.

Recently completed the credits for his BA in Criminal Justice. Unemployed, and therefore does all the housework, including cooking and cleaning. Loves TV as a medium, especially NBC comedies, late-night animated serials, and off-beat dramas. Also a (formerly professional) musician, (completely amateur) board game inventor, (alright) filmmaker, and (incessant) daydreamer. Wants to someday get paid to work on creative projects - TV producer, sculptor, toy designer, writer; anything PROductive rather than CONstructive.

We prefer staying in and watching a movie or marathoning a TV series to going out. If we do go out, it's usually to somewhere with something to do, like a bar with pinball, GameWorks, or Card Kingdom. We play lots of games together, mostly board and card games. Being honest is the most important thing to us. Anyone who's done a little living has some baggage that they need to deal with, and it's easier to deal with something you can understand. Communication requires the courage to go out on a limb and say how you really feel all the time. It also requires the humility to swallow your pride and be grateful for honest answers you don't want to hear. That's what we expect of each other and those around us.

While both of us are bisexual, we have considered our relationship dynamic and believe a woman would be a better fit for us. We really don't like conflict, and while we do argue occasionally, they usually give way to conversations, and never gotten very heated; so we need someone who is equally adverse to argument, and will help us diffuse stressful situations. Both of us are very physically and verbally affectionate people. He likes to whisper sweet nothings, while she playfully touches loved ones unexpectedly for a reaction. We pride ourselves in being cute and adorable, and adoring each other, rather than trying to be "cool". Offbeat goofiness, even in the bedroom, is welcomed. While we do not eschew serious discussion or setting aside levity for issues of gravity, we simply need to surround ourselves with laughter and smiles to make it through the day. We'd really love to have another smile around with us, to help us stay afloat.

We want someone to get to know, to learn about, to learn from, to teach, to work with, and to love.

We are with each other because we realized that what we wanted to be doing and where we wanted to be was right next to each other. A popular conception of relationships is that you make concessions of your own personality in order to make yourself compatible with the relationship you are in. We want to avoid anything resembling that. We want an equal partner in our household who can hold their own in a conversation, has their own opinions, introduces us to new ideas, and shows us new ways to love each other and the people around us.

So drop us a line, tell us about yourself, and maybe we can go on a date - not that either of us really know what that would be like! Just get to know each other and learn more about each other.
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