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Old 01-23-2010, 01:43 AM
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what you are going though i went (and still am) going though, it is natural to feel hurt, rejected, angry,lost, plus many other emotion all at once in a slurry of chaos and confusion....feel it, own it, acknowledge it, tell yourself what your feeling out loud, but don't tell yourself that since your not enjoying what your feeling that your relationship has to change, because if you tell yourself it is ok to feel all these things, in my albeit short poly experience, it help you be ok with more,

good reading while your lady is gone would be the "ethical slut" it has a whole chapter dedicated to what your experiencing, and while because you and i are not that same, it may provide the assurance you need, i know it helped me out alot,

it wont change what your feeling, but it might help you better unde3rstand it so you can learn how to make what your feeling positive, (ie, glad your girlfriend is having such a good time,)

to of the people i am dating (one of them i have been in a committed poly relationship for nine years) are married now, and i cannot even begin to describe the feeling i went though when that happened,

just try to remember that it gets better

bear in mind though poly is very fluid, what works for you is something your going to have to find, sometimes though trial and error

good luck
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