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Old 12-19-2011, 10:17 AM
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Smile Hello from Sweden!

Hi everybody!

As you can see in the title I live in Sweden (always have). I talk and write English quite good. I also speak some German (been an exchange student once!). I am male and born 79.

I am very private of myself concerning the web and what I do and do not say here. Some people feel more secure here than in RL. That is not my case. Someone has to earn to hear some more private things from me.. some people just seem to throw out stuff on the web.. sure.. that is OK if you want to get quick anonymous help or so.. but I am slightly more.. "paranoid", lol.

I am "quite" a complex person but once you get to know me many will see that I am really very simple! My goals and ambitions in life might sometimes be very high... but in my "inner core"... I am very simple. I am highly social and friendly but if you step on my toes I will let you know.

My life story of poly or RA (sorry.. I have not yet looked into the "lingo" around here) as in relationship anarchy is quite complex. Though I made the most drastic changes very rapidly some 13 years ago. To put it mildly.. I was fed up with constantly having to feel bad about love. Love as described was supposed to be this good rush feeling and positive longing for someone. For me it was very "dark". It was a sad and "harsh" feeling. A very desiring and demanding feeling. So once I saw that I actually did have another side in me (or REMEMBERED in my case!) I CHOOSE that one... and it worked! Well.. it worked for ME. Not anyone else, LOL. While I CAN laugh at that many times I am sure you guys know what it is like to go in a constant hurricane that tries to slow you down. I don't think I even have to tell you how many girls that just "vanished" after they heard some words and some phrasings. Was I too honest? Well.. if honesty is supposed to mean something, which I firmly BELIEVE.. then I can't fail it! It is that simple. And you also see who are willing to even ASK what one meant by saying some word or expressing some particular thing concerning relationships and love.

I am on a slow but steady recovery path from IBS (that is irritable bowel syndrome for those who does not know) and fibromyalgia (to put it simply.. strong pain in the body). I have been sick since 11 years now. Even though things ARE going in the right direction I wish they could move just a little bit faster. There was no triggers to the start of it that I am aware of.. and after 6 years of hell it suddenly started to become better.. no explanation there either. But I am thankful. If there is or was anything positive about these things it is that I was given TIME in my life to think about stuff.. also the chance to identify with others who have more or less chronic diseases and people who suffers in general in all kinds of things.

So... lets round up here! I will probably read a little on the forum and maybe tell something about what is currently going on in my life and what I plan for the future! And hopefully a lot more
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