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Old 12-06-2011, 03:19 AM
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Default New to the Forum, but Ready for PolyFidelity

Greetings All!
I am a Pagan woman currently living in Texas with my husband and our lovely children. I have a very special and spiritual relationship with my husband - we truly are soulmates and have been married for over seven years. About two years ago on our anniversary we realized that “someone was missing” in our relationship. Our discussions have always been very open and natural about finding this man that we both feel is the missing piece of our Love and our family . . . So, here I am writing in this forum.

I am bisexual with a preference for men, and my husband is heterosexual. I have always thought of myself as a “one man” kinda gal but I realize now that I am older that I am just very fixated on fidelity. It has taken me a while but I now know that I do have plenty of room within my heart to love another man the way I love my husband. My husband has adamantly stated that he has no wishes to be with another woman or to ever be with a man, but he is very open to sexual experiences with myself and a husband/brother. This search for “our missing piece” is just as powerful for him as it is to me. For me, it means another Love and husband to share my life and home with, and for him, it means finding that brother/bestfriend soulmate . . .

We are both MEGA-Nerds and can discuss the intricacies of Dungeons and Dragons for hours. I am a huge film buff, love to cook, and am uber creative and can make just about anything! My husband is musically inclined, loves video games and has a soft spot for micro-brews. Our home is centered around love, laughter and honesty. Disagreements are bound to happen but no one goes to bed angry and conflicts are handled with logic and love. Our hearth is openly Pagan, and both my husband and I identify as being Heathen Witches (Germano-Norse Pantheon).

Friday nights around here mean D&D (3.5 & Homebrew) and at least five of our Pagan friends come over for a big dinner and a loud fun game that lasts until at least 2am. The little ones go to sleep early and the older kids stay up playing video games and sneaking candy till they pass-out on the couch. Occasionally we are able to escape for dinner and a movie, and we try to do as much as a family as we can.

I graduated two years ago with my BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in Metals & Jewelrymaking. I am currently a stay-home mother and artist in my spare time – this will be the pattern for the next three years when all my kids will be in school. My husband is currently working nights and has plans to enter law enforcement in the next year.

More to come later . . .

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