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Old 11-23-2011, 03:27 PM
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Sounds associated with sex was only directly stated one time. And only hinted at another time and in that case the couple was complaining that they could hear their neighbors. And in that situation it was later determined that they didn't want to be heard ....instead of what they were hearing.

Yes we like to hear and measure the sound at the source (if possible ..neighbors sometimes feuding at the point) and on the clients side of wall.

And as of yet no one has offered to recreate sex sounds for us to measure but that would be funny....unfortunately I didn't have the type relationship with those people where I could make such jokes or suggestions.

Dogs, musicians, partying neighbors, loud TV/stereo's, loud domestic conflicts are some of the complaints I've heard.

In highrise building constructed late 60's early 70's they used a sound attenuating insulation that was placed in between the metal stud and was held in place by compression.....over time they can slid down inside the wall. At the bottom you have a double layer...at the top completely open. So site visit ...listen and or measure sound cut into wall to take a peek ....work up battle plan.

I'd go with the duct tape ...very cheap and very effective
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